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True Story Thursday: Writing and Other Disasters

I had a minor freakout the other day.

I was talking to Jen about writing and she super inspired me to work on my MS from NaNoWriMo ’12. I’ve worked on it off and on for a while now and really enjoyed the story. So I found my jump drive that I THOUGHT I had saved it on… only to realize I did not save it when I left my old job (I’m pretty sure I had a copy of it on that computer). The reason I had used this jump drive to begin with was because I couldn’t find my original drive that I KNEW had a copy of it on it.

39875-Emma-Stone-no-no-no-no-no-gif-bGodSo I spent about an hour digging through emails, Google Docs… nothing except for the first 3 chapters that I had emailed someone and a small snippet that I had emailed myself. Later that evening I remembered that I had worked on it over Christmas break at my parents’, so I searched for a box of still unpacked gifts/crap. Found it, found the jump drive.

Huzzah! Confetti! Celebration!

3 days later my computer erased the document from my drive.

noooSo now… I am story-less. There were tears. And a heated trip to Best Buy where I bought a new computer since my old one is now dead to me.

But there’s hope in this situation, right? I mean, I vaguely remember most of it and maybe this was just a sign that I needed to start over. Granted, losing 50,000+ words is no fun by any means, but I guess this gives me the chance to improve upon something. Right?

The upside (if you look for it) is that last summer during Camp NaNoWriMo I started a sequel to the first NaNoWriMo (seriously, I need to give these MS’s names). So at least I have that to kind of see where some of the characters end up.

I haven’t started any of this because quite frankly I’m too disgusted about the situation to face it just yet. Instead I’ve been working on something that I started a few years ago and just never finished. It’s making me all nostalgic because I set the story in a place I grew up visiting (my mom’s side of the family’s cabin on the Alabama River) so it’s like going home and having an adventure at one of my favorite childhood places.

Oh, and there’s a ghost. oooOOOoooOOOooo

Let’s just hope I don’t lose this one.

10 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: Writing and Other Disasters”

  1. OH my how awful! Always save multiple copies. Jump drives and computers are not to be trusted, so back up to Google Drive or Evernote, or other such online webspace thingies.


    1. I know, right? I typically always email stuff to myself so it’s saved in Gmail. I’ve recently discovered Google Drive, so I’ve been trying to save stuff there. Lesson learned!

      I did get one of the Google Chromebooks (mostly because it was all I could afford on a spur of the moment) so everything is automatically saved to Google Drive. It’s pretty fantastic!


  2. SAD DAY! SO, so sorry that your computer turned against you like that. But good for you for looking on the brightside that you can sort of get a fresh start with the story. Years have passed so your writing style may have changed, y’know? Maybe even for the better!

    (PS, Dropbox and Google Drive ftw)


  3. I’ve done similar things before. On one hand it’s disheartening. On the other hand, you can go forth with a second draft that is free of holding onto pieces of the first draft.


  4. Oh, a similar thing happened to me recently! It’s devastating and feels like everything was a waste but don’t blame it on the story! I know I did – I neglected my writing as a whole, but particularly rewriting that story. Luckily, oh so luckily, I was looking for old photos on an old USB and I found the bare bones of my story (the one I had lost – my computer and my USB broke – was pretty much nearly finished, I was literally on my final edit on the last few chapters)! I’ve started working on the copy I found and whilst I know it will never be the same, I’m really enjoying getting my teeth stuck back in to it.

    I’m sorry you lost your work – but hang on in there!



  5. I’m so sorry, Candice! I know how awful that feels, and starting over can be really discouraging, especially when it’s a long document like this. I think you have a pretty great attitude towards the whole situation though! Even though you don’t feel up to working on it right this minute, you’ve pointed out some positive aspects, and even that is pretty awesome if you ask me. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn more about yourself or your story/characters in the rewriting process!


  6. That is seriously the worst about all the commotion with the jump drive! So sorry 😦 But at least it gives you a chance to write it over, and perhaps tinker with the story as you go? I need to start talking to you and Jen — for some reason, I’m super scared of the blank page right now. But happy writing! I can’t wait to read the stories you write 😀


  7. Ooooh! Nooo! That really sucks. I’ve been there and I threw the biggest hissy fit ever.. and I think it took me a good few weeks before I could face my computer again. But the best thing about re-writing or starting something from scratch, is that you have the chance to go in a different direction and potentially make for better!



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