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True Story Thursday: Goals

If you know me at all you know that I SUCK at goals. So I try not to make them. Personally, I don’t really see the point in them because it almost feels like it sets yourself up for failure. It’s easy to say that in 5 years I want to do this, this and this and I want to have accomplished that, that and that. But what if I don’t? What if something happens that shoots my life in a completely different direction and I don’t accomplish a single one of my goals?

Now, I’m sure you could argue that maybe it’s my fault for letting myself be shot off. Maybe I just wasn’t focused enough on obtaining my goals.

You’re right, I wasn’t. I prefer to not shut doors, unless it’s the door of a bad situation, but rather keep options open for whatever the world brings me. Hence, I try to not make goals for myself.

Instead, I like to think of things I want to do. Maybe they’re similar to goals, but I don’t let myself have major timelines or beat myself up if I don’t do them. I’ve had a long list of these things but have not even attempted them I’m sorry to say because of money. While I hate that money rules my life, it sadly does. Oh, and time off work. I used to not have any because I got laid off twice a year due to the University closing so I had to use all my vacation time during that.

But now with my new job I’m making a decent salary AND have real vacation time so… let’s do some stuff! Here are just a few of the things I want to do now that I’m able to:

Learn to play the piano – When my uncle died a couple years ago I called dibs on our family’s piano. It had actually been my mom’s when she was younger and I grew up banging on the keys when I was visiting my gmom, so I felt it was only right I get it. However, it’s still in my parents’ garage. So if I can convince my dad to bring it to me I am taking piano lessons! Or at least buying some beginner’s books and teaching myself. Luckily, thanks to 7 years of band, I know how to read music and know what the keys on the keyboard are.

Garden – I met someone last week who talked about how she gardens and grows vegetables. I want to do this! I’ve always put it off because it was expensive and I didn’t have time and I don’t like to get dirty… but heck, who cares?! I want to grow some vegetables.

Paint – I have a lot of paintings in my house that I painted. I used to paint quite a good bit and I just haven’t in the past few years. This is something I’d like to take back up. Maybe incorporate some book stuff into paintings. That would be cool. I also want to paint my house. I’ve been there nearly two years and am about to renew my lease for a third; let’s get rid of the boring apartment cream color!

Buy new furniture – My furniture is a total mismash of stuff. Some of it’s super nice (antique, family stuff) and some is from Target. Guess what I want to get rid of. However, my main goal is to get a new sofa because mine is definitely worn out.

Write more letters – I feel like this is a lost art and I LOVE getting little cards in the mail. So why wouldn’t I share that love? I really want to get into the habit of sending people mail, whether it’s birthday cards, notes, thank yous. Which means I need to invest in some stationary. Any suggestions?

Take some trips – I mainly want to go to Seattle to visit my uncle and/or to NYC to BEA. These trips may actually be able to happen this year! Which really excites me. I’m also thinking a beach trip is a MUST, as well as maybe a long weekend here or there. I know I’ll be going to Chicago with work in August, so if you’re up there we must hang out. I’m so pumped about being able to use vacation time for ACTUAL vacations and traveling! You’re all welcome to come too! 🙂

I don’t expect any of these things to happen overnight, but I do hope they’ll happen soon! Keep an eye out for more True Story Thursdays!


3 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: Goals”

  1. Goals are so tough. I to make To-Do lists. They keep my focused, and there is nothing so satisfying as crossing stuff of on my To-Do lists. My To-Do tasks usualyl feel like goals. What I’ve learned about myself and goals is that I have to keep my goals small, and attainable. I also know that I neeed to expect to not meet ALL my goals. Sometimes just the pressure of goals is so overwhelming, which leads me to doing nothing.

    Anyway, I love your list of things you want to do. I’m so glad you are liking your new job, and that you are getting paid a good salary with vacation time!


  2. I love reading about other people’s goals.

    Make your house pretty, I bet that will make you so happy. PAINT THE WALLS!

    Also, I love how creative and fun these goals are too, like piano and painting and the garden.


  3. i love that you’re using the opportunity you’ve been given with the new job & extra money to do something meaningful. and i love how much of it is creative. even if you don’t accomplish all of these, ahem, things to do, i bet it feels great just thinking of what you can do. 🙂


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