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True Story Thursday: Friends are cool

This conversation very nearly happened the other night with a friend (I’ve italicized the parts I nearly said) (I am C in this convo):

M: I thought you went with your family?
C: No, I went with friends.
M: Ah.
C: I have friends now. Friends are cool.

Yeah, I do have friends now. After years of only having one or two friends who I randomly go out to dinner with every month or so, I finally have people to do stuff with. It’s such an awesome feeling.

This past weekend we went skiing in North Carolina. And by skiing, I mean falling off the lift, falling three more times and then walking the rest of it. Lesson learned this weekend: skiing is not for me. I was TERRIBLE at it!

This weekend also made me realize that while I love winter and snow, winter sports are not for me. Unless it involves sitting on something and scooting down. Like I could do bobsledding on a kiddie run if I ever went to the Olympics. 2018 baby!

I also got to discover just what the term “hipster” actually means. I totally felt like a fish out of water around my new hipster friends, what with my love of GPS, Kindle, smart phone and non-organic non free-range cost efficient eggs. However, I definitely learned a few things over the weekend. Like I really like the music they listened to and need to incorporate it into my life a little more. Or some natural beauty – we had an intensive discussion on the benefits of using coconut oil and olive oil on your skin. I also discovered a love of the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil products – only used it twice so far and love the way my skin is feeling!

Overall, this was a really great weekend despite not being able to ski. The weather was beautiful, the mountains were stunning and the company was amazing.

It’s really cool having friends.

Oh, and here are some pictures from the weekend!


4 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: Friends are cool”

  1. Candice, I can so relate to a lot of what you said. I don’t have many friends. I have a maybe two good friends, but they have kids, so it’s difficult to get together sometimes.

    I really need to find some new friends, but it’s really hard at 30.

    BUT I’m so glad you had a great time!!!!!! Also, winter sports aren’t for me, either. Actually there really aren’t any sports that are for me. 🙂


  2. Ah, this was lovely post. As someone who keeps to themselves a lot and has social anxiety I can relate – making friends is not the easiest. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! I liked your pictures. Here’s to more times with new friends!


  3. Sorry that skiing didn’t work out for you. I’ve always loved skiing, but it doesn’t snow where I live, so I only get to ski once a year.


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