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True Story Thursday: Post Ex-Job

You know how when the worst thing in the world actually becomes the best thing in the world? Not that I would ever consider quitting my job “the worst thing in the world” but after basically being tossed out like last week’s garbage (okay I’m exaggerating) I momentarily felt like poo. Of course, that was only for a little bit until I realized just how awesome it was that I was a) finally gone from my job and b) that it was sooner than I’d expected. I told my new job that I could start sooner, so hooray!

Bring on the post ex-job shenanigans!

Okay, not so much shenanigans as much as just going shopping and to the movies. Shopping wasn’t anything to write home about; I bought some new jeans. Woo.

But I finally went to see Frozen. I was, no joke, the only person in the theater. Hooray for my private showing! My latest obsession over the past month has been the song “Let It Go” from the movie, so I was really excited to see it on the big screen. It’s funny how much more the words meant to me now that I’ve actually left my job. Hey-o!

Which brings me to today… my first day of my new job. I don’t really know what all I’ll actually be doing there – today I laminated and cut out phone number cards and started creating signs – but everyone was so nice I didn’t care that I felt lost all day! I’m really excited about going back tomorrow and hoping to get to do more.

I’m also having to take my lunch to work – something I haven’t done in like 6 years – and think I am totally adorable packing my lunch. I have little containers for stuff, a lunch bag, sandwich bags… all I need is a My Little Pony thermos and I am all set! I do have my eye on this nifty Bento box lunch box… but that may be pushing it.

Hope everyone has been having a great week!

9 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: Post Ex-Job”

  1. I’m so glad that your first day at your new job was good. It’s so hard starting new some place, but it sounds like this will be a good change.



  2. That is a cute lunchbox! I need to buy a new lunchbox as mine got completely ruined in my little kitchen fire incident the other day. So happy you are in a new job that you will hopefully like a whole lot better!


  3. It’s too bad there isn’t a My Little Pony Bento Box. Then the world would be perfect.

    I hope you are able to settle in well with your new job. It should be an exciting adventure.


  4. i’m so glad you have made the best of a bad situation. you’re optimism and ability to let it all go is really inspiring. love you!


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