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True Story… er… Saturday

Normally this is titled “True Story Thursday” and I had all intentions of writing this actually ON Thursday, but some things have happened that prevented me from doing that. But I still felt like I needed everyone to know what was going on and wanted to share.

I’m sure you’ve noticed (I hope you’ve noticed!) that I’ve been even more MIA this past month. There’s been a very good reason for it. I wrote back in December about my surgery. It kept me out of work for about a month and I returned to work on January 13th. Every day since then, I have felt like my boss (well, now ex-boss, but we’ll get to that later) has tried to sabotage me and get me fired.

True story: she told one of our managers to write me up ON MY FIRST DAY BACK because I didn’t remove a paper from our information board. Luckily he refused, but she apparently got pissed at him because he wouldn’t.

I won’t go into details about her evil doings, but because of how bad things got I was starting to suffer not only mentally but physically – I’ve been sleeping horrible, haven’t been able to eat, major depression had set in… I was that stressed. It even got so bad at work that I went to our HR department to talk about how I have felt threatened and harassed at work by her; of course HR did nothing except write it off as a “communication problem” and suggested I read a pamphlet about communication to help the problem. I finally had to call our corporate HR hotline because things got so bad and I knew our local HR was taking her side.

Which brings us to this past week.

Tuesday afternoon my boss and I got into a fight that left me shaking with anger. Anyone who knows me knows that I a) hate confrontation and only do it in dire situations and b) I don’t fight with people at all. In my anger, I put a message on the Facebook page of an organization I belong to asking if anyone knew of any open positions. About half an hour later I get a message saying to email my resume to this one person.

I sent it when I got home from work about 5:30ish. By 6:00 the woman had responded saying how much they liked my resume and that I seemed to be what they were looking for. She said they’d give me a call the next morning. About 10:30 Wednesday morning she called and said that even though it was last minute could I come in for an interview that day. I interviewed at 1:00 and by 3:30 I had a job offer. Clearly I immediately accepted.

So Thursday morning I turned in my notice. I gave it first to HR – luckily the nice HR person was in and she was really kind to me about it. I think she knew what was going on was total BS and didn’t approve of how it was being handled, but I can’t fully prove that because that’s just my observation. I then gave it to my boss and her response was this:

“Have you given this to anyone else?” (yes, I gave it to HR) “Oh okay. Thanks.” <turns back to her desk and ignores me>

That afternoon when I got back from lunch she called me into her office – after not talking to me all day, mind you – and told me that she thought it would be best if we just made Thursday my last day instead of me working out my notice, that way they could get someone in and train them.

The afternoon only got dirtier between us and I didn’t even say bye to her – not that she even attempted to say it to me. This is how bad it was.

While I’m grateful for the new job and the happiness I KNOW it will bring me, I hate that I was treated so terribly by a company that I’ve worked for for nearly 4 years. But honestly, it wasn’t even the company; it was her. A vindictive, petty, cruel person who hated me so much that she thought it was okay to treat me in such a way.

But here’s the upside: I have paid vacation. I no longer have to see her, think of her, and let her ruin the good in my life. I am starting a new job for a super nice company with more pay and better benefits. There will be lots less stress so  I can focus on things that make me happy (such as blogging).

So here is hoping that now that this door is shut, locked and the key thrown away I will have a happier, healthier and more exciting life. And I look forward to getting back to all my blogging friends. 🙂

7 thoughts on “True Story… er… Saturday”

  1. I hate to be all weird, but I thought this was inspiring, like, you had the courage to try for a better job and then you got it almost immediately and you aren’t taking crap.

    I am really happy you are in a better, new job and not dealing with the drama of your last job.


  2. Congrats on the new position- I know you have been looking for a while! I hope you enjoy your new job. It is amazing what a difference being unhappy at work can make in the rest of your life.


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