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Talk Amongst Yourselves: Spoilers

There is something that has been on my mind lately, something that I need to get off my chest. What I’m talking about is this:


Okay, I really just wanted to use that gif. But unlike River Song, I’m not talking about spoilers meaning giving away details that can ruin the surprise and mystery of books. I’m talking about things that spoil a book for me. Scenarios that make me hate a book, series, character, whatever so much that I can’t finish it. Or at least struggle to.

Now, before I continue with this discussion I want to say there will be some spoilers (as in details about a book that could spoil the read) ahead, so I’ve written those things in white so you can highlight if you’ve read the book.

First off, rape, attempted rape or super aggression. This doesn’t really spoil books for me but they tend to spoil characters for me. Two scenarios:
Edward Cullen – You know the end of Eclipse when Bella finally agrees to marry Edward? He gets all “noble” and realizes she’s giving in to what he wants, even though she doesn’t want it, for the sole reason of making him happy and solving their problems. So instead of just going with it (I really don’t understand why he doesn’t just go with it) he tells her he’s changed her mind and then tries to have sex with her. While it’s not forcefully, it’s like dude… can’t you take no for an answer? Geez. This scene and Edward’s actions spoiled him for me. (I didn’t white this one out because I’m assuming you’ve either read these books or seen the movies)

Froi from the Lumetere Chronicles – So I know that Froi gets two books that feature him and everyone seems to like him, but his actions in Finnikin of the Rock disgusted me so much that I still can’t bring myself to read Froi of the Exiles. Start highlighting here: When he tries to have sex with whatshername and says something like “I just wanted a little poke (ugh, gross)” he totally spoiled it for me, not only in that book but in any book he will ever be in.

Weird sex scenes also spoil books for me. Right now I’m currently reading a book where the MC (girl) is attracted to other girls but also to her new friend (boy). Start highlighting here: And when the two finally get together it turns out that the boy used to be a girl (or maybe he still is but identifies as a boy… I still don’t know) and they have sex and it’s just weirdly described. Like it tries to be vague but then graphic but then vague and geez this is just too much let’s skip to the exciting scenes.

Tidy, everybody goes home happy endings. Sometimes they’re good, but most times I want a messy ending. I want lives to be left unfinished, happily ever after not yet gained. Especially with YA. You’re sixteen. Your life doesn’t end at the last page. Unless you die.
The end of the Unearthly trilogy was probably one of the biggest spoilers for me of the series. Start highlighting here: It was a GREAT series, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t like that Clara’s life ended up happily ever after with a husband and a kid and yaaaaawn. The only redeeming point to the ending was that Christian managed to still be struggling.

Finally, one of the biggest spoilers for me is when the third book of a trilogy, where each book has a different MC and romantic interest, has a couples retreat feel to the whole book While it’s sometimes nice to be reunited with characters from previous books, they don’t seem to be the same as who you fell in love with (given that you did the first go around).
2 Scenarios
Infinityglass: I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, and for the most part enjoyed Infinityglass. Start highlighting here: But when all the previous characters reunite for the big battle, it became super annoying seeing all the characters with their romantic interests. Suddenly characters who were funny and sassy became sappy or “oh I don’t think my bf/gf would like that!” These new personalities and characteristics are not in line with what they originally were and it totally spoils them, and the scene, for me.

Crown’s Spies series by Julie Garwood: These were some of my FAVORITE books from when I was younger. Seriously, I probably read Castles a hundred times. But something I always disliked about this one in particular start highlighting here: was when all the characters got together at the end. The wives turned into simpering idiots and the men turned into overprotective growling idiots and sigh <headdesk>. What made it even worse was that one of the wives used to be a swashbuckling pirate thief. And now she’s all “Oh Caine! What are we going to do?” she wailed as she buried her head in her husband’s shoulder.” Lame. Spoiler.

What are some things that spoil a book for you? Do you keep on reading, despite the book/character/setting/etc. being spoiled for you? Or do you give up and move on?


6 thoughts on “Talk Amongst Yourselves: Spoilers”

  1. I agree! There’s a weird submission almost rape-y feel to Grave Mercy and it made me not like Duval very much even though otherwise I loved that book!


  2. Great post. I agree with the posts you made above. Another for me: characters I can’t stand. If I don’t care about or hate the main character, I’m not going to keep reading.


  3. Context has a lot to do with it, but I recently read a book where the main character makes this huge unethical, career-ruining decision at the end of the book and it was as if the reader was supposed to view it as a positive life change. I don’t know, but it really spoiled the book for me.


  4. First off, LOVE the River gif. 🙂
    Rape/aggression really spoils a book for me too. I get books that are meant to be issue books that show “Okay, this was a bad relationship,” but it really bothers me when rape/aggression is in regular book and is “glossed over” or just like “the guy was in love so it’s all okay.” I also can’t handle books with animal violence. There was this book on my TBR list and then I heard someone say that there was an uncalled for chapter with “gratuitous animal violence” and I was like “Nope. Nevermind. It’s off my list.”


  5. I agree with every single one of those!
    I read Hourglass and I planned on reading the rest of the series, but I’m hesitant to do that because Emerson isn’t going to be the MC. Same with Pushing the Limits.


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