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This season on the Grown-Up YA

I posted about my resolutions the other day and so far, as of January 2, I haven’t kept a single one. WHOOPS! But it’s still early in the game, so let’s get crackin! (Also, I’ve included some of my favorite pictures/gifs from this past year just for funsies.)

doctor who ghostbuster

First off, I signed up for the Goodreads’ Challenge – for the first time ever, might I add! My goal this year is 65 books. Seems like a small number, but according to Goodreads I only read 38 books last year. Seems sketchy, but if that’s all I read last year I don’t want to set my goal for like 150 and only read 5 books. I don’t like failing!


Next, not really so much a challenge or a goal, but I want to catch up on some series this year. I’ve created a Goodreads list so I can keep track of the series I either need to catch up with (ie I’ve read the first book but none of the others) or ones that I’ve been wanting to get to for a while and just haven’t. Any recommendations or suggestions for which I should start first would be great!


As far as “features” go, I don’t really want to go crazy here with new ideas. I’d like to continue (or at least do better at doing) Top Ten Tuesday – I got major out of the habit with these last year so I want to get back on the ball with them! I also want to do more of my Travel by Book features; I really enjoyed these!

ron swanson

Another thing I want to do better at is keeping a schedule. For a while there I was sooo good at this! I used Google calendar and everything. Was awesome. So far I don’t have a ton of stuff on my January calendar, but I hope by the end of this week it will be colorful and filled with excitement!


I mentioned I wanted to use more social media. After thinking about it, I decided go bite the bullet and sign up for Pinterest. You can follow here. Currently, there aren’t many boards because I’m still not sure what I’m doing on it, but all in good time! I’ve also decided to utilize my Instagram account to share bookish pictures – I’m pretty sure 80% of my pictures on my phone are of book pages!


Finally, reviews. I think I’m slightly burnt out on them, despite loving them. Dilemma, no? I want to review the books I read, I really do. But sometimes I get bogged down with thinking I have to review EVERY book I read. But sometimes I don’t want to, but want to discuss it with people. My plan is this: review recently released books, ARCs and e-galleys; discuss older books in shorter form if I don’t feel like doing a full review. Hopefully this will take some pressure off.


I have this great gut feeling that 2014 is going to be a fantastic year! Can’t wait to get it started (a day late)!

really great year


11 thoughts on “This season on the Grown-Up YA”

  1. These sounds like good, reasonable goals for you this year. I like the idea of scaling back on reviews a bit. Reviews are getting kind of tedious for me, probably because sometimes I wasn’t even inspired to read the book in the first place (sometimes). I need to pace myself with reviews and not feel forced to write, like, 6 in a day. That’s part of the problem for sure.


    1. OMG yes! I think that if I did a better job of writing them in moderation I wouldn’t get burnt out on them. But instead I wait and wait and then have 10 books I need to review and then they just don’t get reviewed because I get overwhelmed. I didn’t really mention it, but I think I’m going to try to read more books that I want to read, rather than what everyone else is buzzing about. May help with motivation!


      1. …I think I currently have, like, 6 books I need to review and I’m like “nooooooooooo.” It’s the worst with the nonfiction books I get from NetGalley. The books look interesting, but I all I really want to do is skim them…and I know that my readers don’t really care about my niche nonfiction choices. Maybe I need to do mini reviews for those instead. You’ve got me thinking about this now.


  2. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Maze Runner/Kill Order series, but it’s the only one on your list I’ve read! I keep wanting to start the Mara Dyer trilogy too!! Good luck on your resolutions! I really like to make them, but I usually have a hard time keeping them. Sigh.


  3. Love all the David Tennant Gifs. I love him. He’s my favorite Doctor. Anyway, these seem like great plans. I want to keep a better schedule too. I do have one now, but it’s just in my mind. I can’t really pick dates on when certain reviews will be up (unless I already read the book) because I’m such a mood reader, and I never know when I will want to read a certain book. But I do have one I tend to stick with, and it is working for me. But I want to plan ahead, now.

    I need to catch up (or start) series too! We are definitely in the same boat there, that’s for sure.

    I really hope 2014 is going to be a good year too. 2013 was kind of sucky for me.


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