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Secret Santas Revealed!


One thing I love about Christmas is gifts – planning, buying, giving, receiving. It’s all fun for me! Which is why participating in Secret Santa exchanges is perfect for me! This year I participated in two different ones and want to share with you what my amazing Secret Santas sent to me!

The Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa

The Broke and the Bookish has an annual tradition of hosting a Secret Santa swap for bloggers. This is the second year I’ve participated and lemme tell you: it’s so much fun! I’m not sure what my favorite part is, searching for gifts for my pal, getting gifts or getting to know new bloggers. It’s just a blast all around!

This year my Secret Santa was Sydney at The Sydney Project and she gave me some lovely goodies!

1) Bath salts – these smell soooo yummy and I love the lid on them (you can’t see but it’s red and white checked). I can’t take a bath just yet after surgery, but when I can these will most certainly be used!
2) Book print “C” – This is oh so cute and I can’t wait to display it! I have the perfect place picked out too. 🙂
3) Strawberry shortcake recipe – One of the things I love is strawberries (it’s a sorority symbol too!) so my Secret Santa included her recipe for Strawberry Shortcake. It sounds yummy and I’m looking forward to making it this spring when strawberries are ripe!
4) The Name of the Star – I’ve been meaning to read this one forever but haven’t gotten around to it. Thank you Secret Santa for gifting me with this one so I can finally read it!
5) Handmade Christmas bookplate – It’s so cute! Will definitely get framed and displayed for Christmases to come!
6) Handmade Christmas card – Darling! I wish I was this creative with my cards. I really loved it!
7) Hair tie – not pictured because I think the cat got it and hid it. It’s cute though!
8) Doctor Who bookmark – not pictured because I forgot to put it up there. Whoops! But I love it! 🙂

The Selective Collective Secret Santa

This is the second year my SC gals and I have played Secret Santa. It was so much more fun this year because I felt like we all know each other much better than we did last year. I had a super fun time picking out stuff for my secret pal and getting to know her better through her likes and shopping for her!

My SC Secret Santa was Tee from YA Crush. However, had I not already seen her name on the package I would have known it was her the second I opened the box – all my gifts were wrapped in Disney Christmas paper!

20131222-135648.jpg (Tee is a HUGE Disneyland fan so this paper was perfect!)


1) “C” Stationary – I LOVE stationary, especially stationary that has my initial on it! This particular box is so cute. I love it! Can’t wait to send notes out to people using it!
2) The Dream Thieves – Yay! I’ve already read this one, but love that I now have my own pretty copy!
3) Peeta ring – My SC gals know how much I love Peeta Mellark. This ring is probably my favorite thing I’ve gotten so far this year!
4) Doctor Who bookmark – Yeah, it’s nerdy but I love it and can’t wait to mark my place in books with it!

Here’s a close-up of my Peeta ring! 20131222-135629.jpg

Merry Christmas and thanks Secret Santas!







15 thoughts on “Secret Santas Revealed!”

  1. Ooh, love your Secret Santa goodies! Of course the B&B box is lovely, but I’m partial to the SS box, because we all know each other so well! I love what Tee got you, especially the Peeta ring! Yay Peeta! Merry Christmas, sweet Candice!


    1. I’m partial to our SC swap; it’s a lot of fun swapping gifts with you ladies! I’m a huge fan of the Peeta ring. I totally wore it to work the day after I got it! 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you Sandie!


  2. First, hey I totally like your new blog layout. I love the colors. They’re very calming.

    Yay for Secret Santas. I felt too overwhlemed to participate in The Broke and the Bookish’s Secret Santa, but I think next year I will.

    And also, YAY for Doctor Who. I’m totally obsessed. Do you have a favorite Doctor? I’ve only seen the series since 2005. My favorite is easily Ten. There’s something fantastic about David Tennant. But I do love them all for different reasons.


    1. Thanks! I’m still deciding if I like it, but I’m starting to warm up to it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors at first – even though I love all the colors on here – but you’re right; they are soothing!

      I got a little overwhelmed by participating in both Secret Santas, not really because it was hard shopping and whatnot but because right after I got my Secret Santas all my personal stuff started popping up and I was panicked about not getting them their gifts on time! I def think you should participate next year though; it’s so much fun, both receiving and giving!

      My obsession with Doctor Who has died down a bit – I think Matt Smith is to blame – but I still love it! I’m gonna go with either Nine or Ten because hello… DAVID TENNANT! Older episodes of the show are on Netflix (like the original ones). I’ve tried watching and they’re good… just old. 🙂

      Merry Christmas!


    1. Thanks again Sydney! Love all my goodies! 🙂

      And thanks about they layout; I’m still getting used to it but am really starting to warm up to it!

      Merry Christmas to you as well!


  3. And oh I love your new blog theme! I was theme shopping for a few hours this weekend and this one caught my eye. In the end I decided to keep things the same for now but it’s fun to play 🙂 Love that you like to change it up!


  4. I adore Secret Santa gift exchanges! It always makes me happy to shop specifically for my secret santa, and I always find myself warmly surprised by whatever I receive from the person who picked me. Looks like you got an awesome haul this year!


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