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Season’s Greetings!

So if you’re still following my blog – and I hope you are, please say you are! – you’ve probably noticed that I went a little MIA in November. While I’m pretty certain November was a crappy month for just about everyone I know, I had a really crappy November. Like… very nearly threw in the towel on blogging, Twittering, Selective Collective (sorry ladies!), reading… all the things that I truly love.

I know I’ve mentioned my depression before (you can read that post here) but I really thought I had it under control. However, I didn’t see a lot of things coming last month and it was one bad thing after the other that kept me down until I finally broke.

And by break I mean going to my parents’ house and bawling in my mom’s arms.

While I’m not too secretive on my blog about myself, I don’t really want to share the majority of what all happened in November here because… well… I’ve moved past them, resolved problems, healed, etc. However, what I am going to share is the thing that broke me and caused me to go running into my mom’s arms – seriously, my mom is the best.

I had a lady doctor’s appointment the week before Thanksgiving, which led to me having to have an ultra sound which led to my doctor saying “Let’s talk about your baby plans.”


Uh… do whatta? I have a HUGE fear of not being able to have babies anyway and being a defective woman and no man wants a defective woman who can’t give him babies (yes, I mentally live in Biblical times), so hearing that there may be issues with my ability to have a baby was… well it wasn’t good.

So, long story short, I had to make the decision to do a series of injections to reduce the problem and then have surgery to fix it or have the surgery now to fix it. Me being me decided “Let’s do this!”

I’m having surgery next Wednesday (12/11). I’m a little scared. And by a little scared I mean terrified beyond my wildest imaginations. Hunger Games terrified.


But I’m also excited. My recovery is going to take at least four weeks. FOUR WEEKS PEOPLE! This is a month of being off work, while being paid thanks to my lovely short-term disability, to a) not work, b) not have to put up with my new boss who is the biggest stressor in my life right now, and c) relax, recuperate, rejuvenate, and read. It also means I get to be babied and waited on for a week or so… which I’m totally looking forward to. 😉

While this is a scary moment in my life, I think maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s giving me a chance to rediscover the things I love, to take a break from the things I don’t, and to get back into blogging, reading, writing, and generally reconnecting with all the people I love!

11 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!”

  1. Aww, Candice, I’m so sorry! I’m glad you’re trying to take care of yourself the best you can, and sometimes we just need to cry to someone. Nothing wrong with that 🙂 I’m really proud of you for being brave even though this is a super scary time for you. I hope December is better than Nov!


  2. Oh Candice, I’m sorry things have been pretty sucky lately. Obviously I don’t know all the details about your surgery, but I had surgery a few years ago (before I started blogging) and it involved my baby making bits, too. I just had an ovarian cyst that needed to be removed, so nothing serious, of course, but it was nerve-wracking. But I have to say, the surgery was fine, and I had no issues. The things that I was particularly worried about caused me no problems whatsoever. I guess what I’m trying to say is that – you’ve got this!

    I’m wishing you the best, and I’m glad you’re momma was there for you. I actually went crying to my mom this month, too. Moms are the best.


  3. I’m sorry you’ve been having a tough time lately, Candice. *hugs* Glad you’re taking some time for yourself. Sending healing thoughts your way.

    Your blog is looking lovely and Christmassy I must say! It’s getting me into the holiday spirit, so thanks 🙂


    1. I’m really excited about taking the time for myself, even if it’s for healing reasons. Hopefully it will help!

      And thanks about my new layout! It makes me super happy! 🙂


  4. Sorry things have been so icky for you! I know it’s scary but I’m glad you’re taking the right steps to getting back to ‘normal’. I really hope everything goes well for you. I’ll be sending hugs, prayers, positive thoughts, and all that other good stuff your way.


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