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Today’s Dorkiness – Doctor Who

I feel bad calling this post “Today’s Dorkiness” because I really don’t feel dorky for watching Doctor Who.

I tried watching it months ago and got about 2 1/2 episodes into it and just thought “This is so dumb.” Like I didn’t “get” it. It looked cheesy and low-budget and… well, just not my cup of tea. So I stopped watching.

About a month ago I got Netflix back and was epic watching different shows. After going through two shows that I desperately needed to catch up with (Parks & Rec and Merlin) I was kind of at a loss. What show do I watch next? I decided to give Doctor Who another chance.

It took a few more episodes before I really got into it. And then when David Tennant took over as the Doctor… well, I was officially hooked. But it honestly wasn’t until the end of season 2 that I realized just how emotionally attached to this show, and the characters, that I was. Seriously, tears. TEARS! Over a show that I didn’t even think was all that great to begin with!


Of course, if you don’t know already, I don’t half-ass my obsessions. When I find a new one, I go all out. Seriously, Doctor Who is on speed-Google on my phone. It’s been AMAZING to me that not only is there this huge following for this show, but that the show has been on for 50 years! FIFTY YEARS PEOPLE! Maybe not consecutively, but name me one show (please don’t) that has been on that long and still has a huge following (again please don’t).

I just started season 3 and am still on the fence about the Doctor’s new companion Martha. I like her. I think she’s pretty neat, but… right now she’s just not Rose. But… I’m giving her a chance!

I think what I’ve loved best about this show isn’t the romantic feelings between the Doctor and Rose (even though they are totally cute!) but this deep friendship. Like I seriously want a friend like that! My favorite scene between them that still has me giggling even though It’s been nearly a week since I saw it was from this episode where there were lots of ghosts. The Doctor popped up, with this ghost hunting contraption on his back, and said “Who you gonna call?!” and Rose, spot on, said “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!” Seriously… it was the cutest thing ever.

doctor who ghostbuster

Anywho… Doctor Who is my newest obsession and I don’t care who knows it! Annnnnd… I want this for Christmas:

Doctor-Who-TARDIS-Ceramic-Cookie-JarI may be posting about this again once I get to the Eleventh Doctor… just wait and see! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Today’s Dorkiness – Doctor Who”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you gave the show another try.

    I know I tried watching a few episodes when I briefly had Amazon Prime but didn’t “get it” either. Later that year I got Netflix and decided to try it again and got hooked just like you did. 🙂


  2. *raises hand* I am a total Doctor Who fangirl. I started watching it back in 2008 and got hooked. David Tennant will forever be my favorite Doctor. He was so quirky and PERFECT. Just wait till you get to The End Of Time episode. All of the tears. Anyways, glad you gave it a second chance! It really is an amazing show 🙂


  3. Yes! Agreed! Nine is actually my favorite doctor, but the last half of his season, not the first. The first few episodes of the reboot are. . . not good. It takes 3-5 episodes to really find it’s ground, but then I LOVED Doctor Who. I recommend it all the time, but I make people promise they’ll watch at least four episodes before passing judgement. And I love it for the same reason. I never thought I would be a Whovian but I guess I have been! I might, the desktop background on my laptop is a TARDIS, so. . .


    1. I did like him a TON once I got more into the show. It took me a little while to get over him being gone. But, David Tenant is pretty awesome and I think I love him much more now!


  4. I just started watching Doctor Who earlier this year, and I definitely got hooked when I saw David Tennant as the Doctor! 🙂 I loved him and Rose together (their friendship and the romance). I still haven’t seen all the episodes, and not that many with Martha, but I’ve seen the Tenth Doctor with Donna (the companion that comes after Martha) and I love her too, she’s so mouthy and fun! 🙂 Love the TARDIS cookie jar, I also saw a TARDIS tea pot I want! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


  5. I started watching Doctor Who at the beginning of November for Sci-Fi Month and it’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME. I started the series with the ninth doctor and I really like him. I did think that it’s low-budget but then I already watch too many overdone shows that I didn’t it much. I love sci-fi and I really don’t care if letting it show makes me a dork. =P

    That TARDIS cookie jar is so cool.


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