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NaNoWriMo Update: Day 5

Day 5… woooooo!!!!

As of yesterday… I hadn’t written a single word. Whoops! Luckily, some great friends mentioned doing a word sprint, so I participated with them. That really got the ball rolling and hooray! I’m into writing once more.

It’s funny how in and out I get when it comes to writing. Like some days it’s like pulling teeth to make myself write. Others, that’s all I want to do. And I know, the point of NaNoWriMo is to force yourself to write so that you’ve actually written something, but I don’t think I’ve quite developed the drive (?) to force myself to write.

I think my biggest problem is that I occasionally write myself into a corner and there IS NO SOLUTION. So instead of finding one I just stop writing. It’s like I forget that when it comes to writing, I am a god and can just create solutions. They don’t have to already exist because I can literally MAKE them exist! Not gonna lie… remembering that about writing is extremely freeing.

You want a purple unicorn? Bam! Done. You want to fly away on a rainbow? No problem! I love being a god of my work. (I don’t mean this blasphemously…)

This is something I’ve loved about NaNoWriMo: getting to discover things about myself as a writer and as a person. Most days I feel very confined to my life. Everything is as it is and I can’t do anything about it. But writing makes me see that things are always what they are and that I CAN change it to whatever I want and whoa epiphany…

I’m writing about this same thing at the moment. My character is stuck in a situation she can’t see how she can get out of and is creating a choice for herself.

NaNoWriMo Epiphany #1!


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: Day 5”

  1. I want to do NaNoWriMo but I have so much homework and projects this month :/ I can write a little but I don’t have enough time to write a full novel. I think I’ll try to do my writing blitz and write a novel over the summer. Great post! Keep up the writing! 🙂


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