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Novel November

This posts seems a little silly now that I’m thinking about it. I mean, as a book blogger and avid reader, I shouldn’t have to “declare” that a month is going to be dedicated to novels because I kind of already do that. Nor should I have to formally declare that I’m going to be reading books that I WANT to… because shouldn’t I do that anyway?

But I’m declaring away!

Lately I’ve felt like all I do is read books for review… and haven’t written any reviews. I miss reading books for fun, for enjoyment. So often books sit on my shelf and gather dust while I’m trying to read the latest NetGalley book or ARC or brand new release. And while I love those… I hate that I shove books I’d been looking forward to reading just so I can “stay ahead” with blogging.

Throughout the month of November I’m going to be focusing on reading books that I’ve been WANTING to read. Ones that I’ve downloaded or bought and just haven’t touched yet. With work dying down (woohoo!) I think I’ll be able to focus more on reading for fun rather than feeling like reading is a chore.

I’ve created a Goodreads list of the books I’m gonna be choosing from: Novel November List

Also… speaking of novels and November… I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again! Last year was epically fun and I really hope this year is just as exciting! Yes… I kind of pooped out of the Camp NaNoWriMo back in June, but I think this will be a better experience this time around. Like last year I’ll be posting little updates on my progress, so stay tuned!


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