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Happy Birthday, Selective Collective


There have been a number of posts that have been hard, really hard, to write. This one is harder. Today has been one year since The Selective Collective posted our very first post. And… it’s been a very, very good year.

But that’s not why this post is hard to write. It’s hard because I have no idea how to sum up in words just how much the ladies of the Selective Collective mean to me.

Working with this group has been life-changing, empowering, meaningful. I truly believe that once in a lifetime someone comes into your life for a reason and changes it all for the better. And I truly believe that I am lucky to have gotten six such people.

I wanted to share a little tribute video I made about just how the Selective Collective came to fruition.

Over the year we’ve been EXTREMELY lucky to have gotten to not only work together but with amazing authors and publicists who we’ve gotten to know and love. These books we’ve reviewed have sparked debate, friendship, fangirling, and complete love over subjects and situations within these books.

We’ve also had some REALLY fun posts. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Dieting Through the Ages – 45 Pounds (More or Less) (July 2013)

How I Went Vintage – Going Vintage (March 2013)

Eleanor & Park Round Table – Eleanor & Park (February 2013)

Author Interview – Going Vintage (March 2013)

Author Interview – The Summer I Became a Nerd (May 2013)

Round Table – The Infinite Moment of Us (forgot what month this was 2013)

We’ve reviewed a LOT of books this past year. Here they are:

To help us celebrate, each of us are offering a giveaway of some of our favorite picks from past books we’ve reviewed for The Selective Collective. I am giving away my much loved (but gently used) ARC of Eleanor & Park!

February 2013

So if you’ve never read her books (what’s wrong with you?!) now is your chance to do so! To enter simply leave a comment below answering at least one of these three questions:

  1. Have you had a favorite Selective Collective post that you’ve seen this past year?
  2. Which of the books we’ve reviewed have you read and enjoyed?
  3. Is there anything in particular that you’ve enjoyed from the Selective Collective this past year (reviews, discussions, freebies, etc)?

To my Selective Collective girls… thank you for one of the best years ever. I love each and every one of you more than I can express. You have become my best friends and most trusted advisers. Thank you.

To everyone else who has made this year amazing, I thank you. Without your support we would not be able to do what we do. It means the world to us.

And now… for something that never gets old:


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Selective Collective”

  1. I am new to Selective Collective (and I just recently followed all of you in my Feedly), but I am glad I found you through Teen Lit Rocks.

    I am also glad to find other passionate Rainbow Rowell fans! I have read and loved all three of her books.


  2. Loved the Vintage post and I can’t wait to read the book. The only book I’ve read that you have reviewed is Eleanor & Park (which I LOVED LOVED LOVED) but I currently have Fangirl from my library that I will be starting soon. One of the best things about her books are the covers! They are so simple and beautiful, just like the stories.


  3. “Which of the books we’ve reviewed have you read and enjoyed?”

    I recently read “Eleanor & Park” and absolutely loved it. Once I finished it and took it back to my library I haven’t been able to find it on the shelf to recommend to other people! It is always checked out 😀
    I also read and enjoyed “Dualed” and am looking forward to reading “Ink” as soon as I get the time!


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