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Party Prep: Costumes for the Book Lover

Last week I asked you all “If you could dress up as a book character for Halloween, who would you pick?”

There were some GREAT answers, so I thought I’d share some costume ideas for all you book lovers out there!

Rachel @ Rachel Reads: Lyra from His Dark Materials

Of course, this costume isn’t complete without Lyra’s Alethiometer… made from a gold compact!

What makes this outfit complete

Stormy @ Book. Blog. Bake.: Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

But no Luna Lovegood costume would be complete without some CRAZY additions! Check out this jewelry my cousin makes; I bet Luna would love it! Dozidotes

Heidi @ Bunbury In The Stacks: Cinder from The Lumetere Chronicles

Tee @ YA Crush: Kate Weatherall from The Mysterious Benedict Society

Kristina @ Gone Pecan: Daenerys Targarean from Game of Thrones

Just carry these around with you all night. And if you’re daring, make yourself sooty and go naked*.

*don’t go naked

Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide: Alina from Shadow and Bone

Of course, if you don’t have any old antlers hanging around, this awesome necklace from Hebel Design would be a GREAT substitute!

Sandi @ Teen Lit Rocks: Hermione from Harry Potter

Love all of these costume ideas! After researching them and coming up with ideas for them I may want to change my costume for my party! Thanks for help friends!

Do you have any book characters you’re planning on dressing up as? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “Party Prep: Costumes for the Book Lover”

    1. Yeah, I’m totally digging Lyra’s coat. I think it would make a perfect Candice coat too 🙂

      Cinder was fun to put together! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but then saw the skeleton tights and knew I HAD to do that!


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