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Paranormal Baddies: Vampires

paranormal baddies

Once upon a time… vampires were scary.

They weren’t sparkly. They weren’t merciful. They didn’t fall in love with the awkward weird girl or the tough vampire slayer. Their main purpose in life was to drink blood. The end.


So why have we made them fluffy bunnies? Because unless your name is Anya… bunnies aren’t scary.
anya bunny

We could probably go into a huge in-depth discussion over why vampires suddenly became the new romantic lead… but let’s face it: this is Halloween and I want my vampires blood thirsty and evil. Luckily, I’m getting the feeling that these types of vampires are coming back (woohoo!)

So toss aside (lightly) your copy of Twilight (seriously, don’t throw that thing too hard; you could put someone’s eye out) and let’s get back to what vampires really are: cold blooded killers who vant to suck your blooooooodddd!

There are some great YA books out there that feature (scary) vampires! I’ve linked my own reviews to the ones I’ve read. Feel free to let me know if you’ve read and reviewed any of these; I’ll add your link to it!

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town – Liz Habel

The Immortal Rules – Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure – Julie Kagawa

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Not a book but hands down, best show ever!

Black City – Elizabeth Richards



5 thoughts on “Paranormal Baddies: Vampires”

  1. To be fair, vampires as sexual beings is not new, it was just a highly eroticized fear for much of their history. Dracula is incredibly sexual (all those elongating and penetrating fangs were just getting sex past Victorian censors) and capitalized on a fear of exogamy. Dracula is the foreigner who will seduce OUR women, thus, he is terrifying to a Victorian audience and a sex symbol to boot. In addition, in Eastern European vampire lore, vampires cannot harm you unless you invite them into your home or they invite you into theirs and you accept, driving home the sexual predator aspect. Vampires, succubi, incubi, and all manner of seductive demons/monsters run rampant in mythology for any number of reasons (fear of exogamy, sexual repression, fear of sexually assured women, explanation of wetdreams, rape allegory, etc). Twilight didn’t invent the sexy vampire, it just nuetered it and made it safer, just as it did the sexual feelings of its pre-teen readers.


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