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Party Prep: Halloween Decor

I cannot begin to tell you how super excited I’m getting for my Halloween party in a few weeks! To get ready, I’ve been looking up various Halloween decorating ideas so I can turn my house into spooky central!

I wanted to share a few of my projects I’ve done so far!

Bat-tastic Candle Holders – I saw this idea on a Martha Stewart website and knew I HAD to do it!

Basically, you take a glass candle holder/vase and then, using a rubber stamp and ink (don’t worry, it wipes right off with window cleaner!), stamp Halloween images all over the glass. I think Martha used coffee beans, but being poor and not wanting to waste coffee, I used black beans. You could use a different size or color candle too. Either way, love this simple project!

Here’s another easy peasy idea for a globe vase. I’ve had this idea in my head for YEARS and if I have an October wedding, I’m doing this. I bought a couple small globe vases at the $1 store and put an orange napkin in it. Voila! A pumpkin. You could add a stem and vine to it to make it look more authentic; I did not because this was a last minute “what can I do with these?!” project. If you have a bigger globe vase you could stuff it with orange mums and it would really class up a joint.

I know I mentioned doing pumpkin carving, but as my party isn’t until the end of the month I didn’t want to jump the gun on carving my BEAUTIFUL pumpkin I bought the other week at the store. So, in order to still have my Jack-o-Lantern and keep my pumpkin from rotting too soon, I used some sparkly foam sticker stuff and made a temporary face for my pumpkin! This is also a good idea if you, like me, suck at carving pumpkins. 20131010-082416.jpg

Throughout the year I have a wreath hanging on my front door. I wish I could say I changed it up with the seasons, but I don’t. The only time it’s NOT hanging on my door is at Christmas when I have a Christmas wreath. But, I wanted to spookify my wreath this month and am SO pleased with it! I found an inexpensive “M” (for my last name) at the craft store that was already black (hooray no painting!), spider webbing, black roses and a spider at the $1 store and began. I think it turned out pretty great! I just need to add my house numbers back so I can get mail…
If you’re planning on having a Halloween party or just want to decorate for yourself and/or your family, seriously, don’t think you have to spend a lot. I hit up our $1 store and found a good bit of cute decorations. Also find things around your house that maybe you can spookify – I plan on utilizing spider webbing LOTS. 🙂


As I get closer to date I’ll probably be tweeting pictures of all my decor that I’m doing – trust me, I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeves! And if you do any Halloween decorating, tweet me your pics! I’d love to see!

5 thoughts on “Party Prep: Halloween Decor”

  1. Ooo, fun! My housemate is holding a massive party this year. We’ve already started covering the walls with black sheets because it takes so long. She’s got a whole room crammed with decorations that will be put out soon (most of which I’m not allowed to see yet), as well as a smoke machine, cauldrons for the punch, and a doorbell that jabs a rubber spider at you when you press it.


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