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It’s no secret that I LOVE October. The changing weather. The smell of pumpkin and crispness in the air. Hallo-freaking-ween.


Honestly, I look forward to this month more than any month in the year. There’s just something absolutely magical about October 1st to me that makes me feel like a child. A very happy child! So to celebrate this feeling, I’m dedicating the entire month of October to all things Halloween on my blog!

Here are just a few things you can expect to see this month:

Paranormal Baddies!!!

Vampires – October 16th

Zombies – October 30th

Gruesome Fairy Tales – October 14th

Ghosts – October 7th

Psycho Killers – October 25th
(not really paranormal but scary nonetheless!)

Werewolves – October 21st

Witches – October 4th

Halloween Party!!!

I will be having my very first Halloween party!!! My book club is joining with another book club and we’re having a fun get together at my house. I’ll be posting pictures from it on Halloween!

So to get ready I’m going to be posting about getting ready for my party:

Halloween Recipes – October 24th

Home Decor – October 10th

Costumes!!! (for the book lover) – October 17th

Party recap – October 31st

Also, I’ll be having a few guest bloggers on the blog this month so keep an eye out for them! Not to mention some great reviews of some even greater books!

Can’t wait for this month! It’s gonna be a good one!!!

3 thoughts on “Halloween!!!”

  1. Psycho killers *could* fall under the category of paranormal if they’re people like Freddie, Jason, and Michael! I love that you’ll be posting about so many different types of bad guys, since I’m a fan of them all!

    Oooh a Halloween party! That’s going to be SO MUCH fun, especially with bookish friends involved! I’m particularly interested to see what kind of food you’ll be posting about. πŸ™‚


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