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Guest Post – Chiara

This is a guest post written by Chiara at Books For A Delicate Eternity. Chiara is a book lover, book hoarder, book blogger, book reviewer, and book coveter (she loves making up words, too). You can find all her book loving, hoarding, blogging, reviewing, and coveting at her blog, Books For A Delicate Eternity.

Book boyfriends. I’ve had one hundred. You’ve had one. Hell, I think we’ve all had one at some point. But what is it about these fictional boys that is so appealing? Well, with the help of my minions, I shall impart to you some book boyfriend characteristics that are appealing. These include, but are not limited to:

1. He Is Always There.

minion hug
Your book boyfriend is exactly that. A book boyfriend. He ain’t going nowhere, girl. He is confined to those pages, and can say those romantic lines over and over again. You can read about his loveliness whenever you want, and you can go to him in times of need, and he will never turn you away. He’s Mr. I Will Always Be Here No Matter What. And there’s not a whole lot of males out there who are that easy to rely on.

2. He Can Look Like Anyone (Real or Imagined).

minion what

Hells yeah! Your book boyfriend can look like ANYONE. Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Ian Somerhalder, George Clooney, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, that hot new Superman guy. He can look like anyone. Sure, the author gives a description along the lines of: his smoky grey eyes peered at me from under his tangled mop of black hair. I don’t mind having those to go by. Hey, presto, Jensen now has grey eyes instead of brown. The book boyfriend is pretty much the most perfect male specimen to walk the earth, er, pages.

3. He Is A Knight In Shining Armour.

minion knight

Yes, he is the brooding, sexy bad boy. But he also cares about you way too much for you to be hurt. You’re in a ridiculously stupid and dangerous situation? Book boyfriend will be there in an instant to save you. Sure, he’ll be annoyed that you put yourself in such danger, but mainly, he’s just happy that you’re okay. He wraps his manly man arms around you … fade to black.

4. He’ll Never Break Up With You. Ever!

minion fangirl

The book boyfriend is one of the most loyal companions that a girl could ever ask for. As well as the above four amazing attributes, the book boyfriend can never leave you! And he doesn’t mind, either. The book boyfriend is always going to be your companion, always going to be the boyfriend you’ve always wanted. And he can’t escape that. Hell, it’s his job to never let you down. And he does a pretty good job, if you ask me. Oh, and even if you forget about him, he’ll stay with you anyway.

5. You Can Cheat On Him, And It’s A-Okay.

minion kiss

Yep. It’s true. The book boyfriend understands that there may be others. Other book boyfriends, a real life boyfriend, a husband. No matter. The book boyfriend will always be loyal to you, even if you aren’t loyal to him (see point #4). The book boyfriend understands how many perfect specimens can be found within the pages of a book, and he doesn’t hold it against you that you are in love with 99 of them. He gets that; he gets you. There can never be just one book boyfriend. He’s just happy to make the list at all.

6. He Only Cares About Who You Are.

mionin mua

The book boyfriend doesn’t care that he’s 33, and you’re only 15. The book boyfriend doesn’t care that he’s 21, and you’re 45. The book boyfriend doesn’t have preferences. He doesn’t prefer younger women, or older women; blondes, or brunettes; the book boyfriend doesn’t have any preferences. Well, he does have one. You. The book boyfriend wants you exactly the way you are, no changes. He loves you for you.

Now, I am sure that there are a lot more things we love about our book boyfriends, but I thought these six characteristics were enough to get the point across. Book boyfriends are awesome, and practically perfect in every way. Sometimes, I wish at least one of my book boyfriends would jump right out of the pages. Maybe you have, too. And I think that’s why we love them. They are the Mr. Right in our brains; the perfect mix of dangerous and daring, but kind and caring. I think we could all use a leather clad, motorcycle riding, dark haired mysterious stranger in our lives. And hey, pronto! We do. Too bad he’s fictional. But that won’t stop me. I will fall in love with him nonetheless. He’s my book boyfriend, after all.

What are some other book boyfriend characteristics that you love? Do you have a favourite book boyfriend? If you don’t have book boyfriends, why not?

I hope you enjoyed this post of mine, and thank you Candice for having me here as a guest blogger for The Grown-Up YA!

Writing: © 2013, Chiara @ Books For A Delicate Eternity. All rights reserved.


18 thoughts on “Guest Post – Chiara”

  1. Haha…. I loved both the content and the minion gifs.

    I have to admit I don’t really have book boyfriends – and I normally hate the ones other people choose. I think I’m too much of a realist because you’re right. Book boyfriends are a bit like Mary Poppins – they’re practically perfect in every way.

    Great post!


  2. HA I love this! It rings so much of the truth XD I think my book boyfriend always looks like Logan Lerman or Aaron Taylor Johnson somehow. And even those two look alike. HA! OH HOT DAMN if you combined their features @-) Now if I could just figure out how to jump into the pages of the book myself….


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