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Aye yai yai! Muy Caliente a ma Bloggiesta!

Okay, as you can tell from the title of this post, I no speaka de Spanish good (and apparently I speak Spanish with an Italian accent… go figure). But I do love me some fiestas! Especially if they come equipped with margaritas, guacamole, and large hats.

I’ll probably kick myself for trying to do this, especially considering how busy my weekend is going to be, but what the hey… I need to participate!

This weekend will be dedicated to updating and polishing off my blog, as well as getting some features finished and writing some new reviews. Here’s a better list of what I hope to accomplish:

In General

  • Buy domain (yippiee!!!!)
  • Start planning October posts, themes, etc.


  • Link all reviews on Summer Reading page
  • Update my blogroll with more of my favorite blogs
  • Write 1 month’s worth of Top Ten Tuesdays


  • Think up some discussion posts topics (while watching football!)
  • Organize Goodreads and upcoming NetGalley books


  • Finish Character Spotlight to post
  • Write some more reviews

Not a TON of stuff on my list… hopefully I’ll get to it all though!


2 thoughts on “Aye yai yai! Muy Caliente a ma Bloggiesta!”

  1. Sounds like a great plan, Candice! It always feels good to catch up on blog housekeeping. I really should be participating too because I’ve been such a last-minute blogger lately. Happy Bloggiesta!


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