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Miniviews – Starcrossed City

There seems to be a TON of these novellas out there, and I really love them oh so much, but it’s really REALLY hard to write a full review about them! So I give you Miniviews! Miniature versions of my reviews that are perfectly designed for all the lovely novellas/short stories!

Novella: Starcrossed City by Josephine Angelini

starcrossed city

Series: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Character Focus: Daphne Atreus, Helen’s mother

Spoiler? Nopers! This one gives a little back story on Helen’s mom and her first encounter with Ajax. Daphne and Ajax’s relationship is really only hinted at in the Starcrossed series, but provides a very challenging problem once it’s revealed.

Must Read? Meh… I mean, I enjoyed like the last 2 paragraphs of it, but considering I kind of strongly disliked Daphne in the series, I really didn’t care much about this one. It also wasn’t exactly long enough to provide a huge insight into Daphne and what makes her her.

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for a little extra to the Starcrossed series, this isn’t going to fulfill that need. It’s kind of a typical story: new kid gets bullied and has it rough starting a new school. Which… why Daphne is bullied and doesn’t stick up for herself doesn’t make sense to me because in the series she’s kind of a badass. Overall, I liked where this little “novella” (it’s actually found on Josephine Angelini’s website if you want to read!) was going and would be very interested in reading a bit more of it. I feel like Daphne’s relationship with Ajax would be kind of steamy!


1 thought on “Miniviews – Starcrossed City”

  1. I hadn’t heard about the Starcrossed City novella until I read this post. I really enjoyed the trilogy (particularly books one and three) so I’d be interested in reading this, but I, like you, didn’t particularly like Daphne’s character – although I’m sure we weren’t supposed to – so it seems like a surprising choice for a novella. Unless… JA is writing a fourth book wherein Ajax does return… 🙂


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