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Top Ten Tuesday – Second to None!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

While I have my favorite main characters, and typically if I like the MC I’m going to love the book, sometimes it’s not all about them. Sometimes there’s that secondary character who, while not the prime focus of the book, adds something so enriching to the storyline that they very nearly steal the show.

Truth: I’ve written a few things (stories, books, whatever) and honestly… I’ve fallen in love with some of my secondary characters more than my main characters. I love developing them for some reason – mostly because I love what their story can bring to the main story. Anyway… onto my list.

Here are my Top Ten All Time Favorite Secondary Book Characters:

Roar, Under the Never Sky – Holy crap on a stick Roar is hot. But he’s not just hot. He’s mega hot. (and sweet and sarcastic and funny and loving and did I mention he was mega hot?)

Simon, The Mortal Instruments – Simon is probably my favorite character in this series. Mostly because he starts out as this nerdy little sidekick and then morphs into this guy who is just wowzer… but then he still retains his nerdy little sidekickness while he turns all wowzer.

Clare, Starcrossed – It probably doesn’t help that I picture her as Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls, but Clare is such a firecracker in the Starcrossed series. Sometimes BFFs have this bad habit of falling away as the story develops, or taking a back seat for the more important MC and her issues. Not so with Clare! This girl will hurdle over to the front seat, probably take the wheel from you and completely change directions.

Kenzie, The Lost Prince – I’m pretty sure what really made Kenzie stand out for me is that a) she has blue streaks in her hair and b) she don’t take shizz from nobody. Okay, she’s not really THAT girl, but I love that she was able to go toe to toe with Ethan whereas most girls run and hide.

Lily, Timepiece – Kind of like Clare from Starcrossed, Lily is this awesome BFF that totally holds her own. She’s not only support for Emerson but stars in her own show as well.

Iko, Cinder – Iko totally stole this show from Cinder. There were some points that I couldn’t get over just how PERFECT she was!

Hana, Requiem – I didn’t really care a ton for Hana in the first two books of this series, and I haven’t read her novella, but in Requiem I got to the point where I could have cared less about Lena and wanted to see more of Hana’s story. It, and she, was totally engrossing.

Kim, If I Stay – What is it with me loving the Asian BFF? Okay, wait, was Kim Asian? I think I may have just picture her again as Kim Lane. Regardless… this is the BFF you want on your side. Feisty, forward, loyal… perfect.

Archer, Fire – He’s just hot. What can I say?

Rudy Steiner from The Book Thief – I did save Rudy for last because he’s the only character in this list that my heart might have both pined and broken for. There was something wonderful about Rudy, the way he loved Liesel or the way that he stood up for himself and others. Whatever it was about Rudy that made me love him, I truly did, as honestly as Liesel did, and my heart broke when… sorry, I can’t go on talking about him. (this was what I had written last time I listed Rudy for something)


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Second to None!”

  1. Great choices! I haven’t read the Under the Never Sky sequel; I should add that! And no, Kim isn’t Asian, she’s Jewish. Maybe you’re thinking of Lola’s best friend? I would also add Zuzana from Laini Taylor’s “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series; Oh man, I loved Archer, and I still get upset at how that ended!


    1. No… I don’t even remember Lola’s friend, ha! I just for some reason pictured Kim Asian – like Kim Lane from Gilmore Girls. I did remember she was Jewish, so that’s why thinking she’s Asian is very weird. 🙂

      I did like Zuzana! She was awesome!


  2. i don’t know most of these people (geez, how am i even a blogger?) but i do agree with the ones i do know. Iko, of course, loved her, and high five for Simon!


  3. I like Kim a lot too. I liked Hana less after reading the novella, but she is an intriguing character. I need to read Under the Never Sky so I can meet Roar! He’s a popular one today. Fab list, lady!


    1. That’s how I “read” Cinder – I LOVED the audio of it! The narrator is really good. Hope you enjoy!!!

      I would also suggest the Book Thief on audio as well. The narrator for that is… oh my heart breaks!


  4. I didn’t love Cinder, but I LOVED Iko. So I fully support this inclusion on your list! And Roar? HOLY CRAP. Don’t even get me started on my love for him! One of the best secondary characters ever.


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