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Top Ten Tuesday – Things that make blogging easier

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

There are SO many helpful programs out there that we can use as bloggers. I haven’t tried a ton of them, but these are the ones that I’ve used and are SUPER helpful for me!

Google Calendar – I discovered this several months ago… whew does it work better than my planner! It’s got a handy task feature so whenever I finish a book I can enter “write X review” – I don’t know about you, but I forget what books I’ve read and need to review sometimes! It’s also good for organizing upcoming events, having recurring events, and scheduling (and rescheduling) the various posts. I also LOVE the color code option – everything is color coded based on what type of post it will be!

Google Images – Obviously, you can tell I’m a huge fan of Google. I love that I can search for images online easily with this feature. I love using pictures in my posts, so it’s fun being able to find all the random and obscure ones out there!

Google Docs Forms – Yes, another Google feature… I’m a Googler! I love the forms feature – and have recently implemented it at work and impressed everyone – because it allows me to use it for feedback, contests, and sign-ups. I think what I love best is that it enters everything automatically into a spreadsheet… another one of my nerdy loves!

Goodreads App – Yes… I know Goodreads DOES make keeping all my books organized much better, but the app is pretty much a lifesaver if I ever go to the bookstore. Not only do I have all my book lists at my fingertips, but it has an awesome scan feature so if I see a book I like, I can scan the barcode and automatically have all the book’s info pulled up! Genius app!

Other bloggers – I don’t condone stealing intellectual property or ideas, but sometimes other bloggers can be the biggest asset when I’m looking for new content for my blog. Maybe they have a cool feature that I’d like to join in on or maybe one of their discussion posts sparks my own opinion/idea for a discussion post. Maybe they do something totally unique and it gives me a new perspective on my own blog. Whatever they do, other blogs make things so much easier sometimes!

Social Media – Kind of the obvious one, but since I started using it I feel like getting the word out about my blog has been tons easier.

Feedly – Not the BEST reader out there, but it’s been a good substitute since Google Reader went away. I like that I’m able to organize all the blogs I follow. Catching up on them has been getting out of hand so I organized them into 5 groups – Blogging Besties (the ones I like to check “daily”), then ones I check Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This has helped TREMENDOUSLY keeping in touch and checking on all the blogs I follow!

I use a few other things, but nothing special that makes everything OH SO EASY! I am looking forward to finding some new programs, ideas, etc. that may help with blogging!


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Things that make blogging easier”

  1. I love to use the Goodreads barcode scanner at bookstores too, particularly when I shop at Goodwill or used bookstores. Sometimes I see a book and can’t remember what number-in-a-series that particular book is, so I’ll scan it. OR I’ll scan it to see what my reading friends have rated it to see if I might want to buy it or leave it on the shelf. I do wish the app had things like the publication date on it though – I wish it was a little bit more like the full website, but I use both A TON. I also use the Google calendar a ton too. (:


  2. Basically Google EVERYTHING! It’s so true though. I use Google docs and Google Drive for sooooo many things. It’s so helpful, especially since I’m switching computers all the time!


  3. I didn’t think about my calendar stuff. Since I have so much on my plate, I still use a physical calendar so I have constant flexibility…but the bottom of every square in the monthly sections is where I write down my posting schedule! Sometimes it’s a hot mess of scratch outs and erasings and question marks, but it gets the job done.


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