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Smarty Pants Books: Adulting


I recently read Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps.

Now… it’s no lie. I’m an adult. I’m not a young adult or a new adult or even a mid-20s adult. I’m an ADULT (meaning… 30). So I’ve had a good 8-10 years of learning how to be one. That being said…. I never QUITE feel like one. My house is always a disaster. I don’t really know how to cook GOOD food. If having to choose between sleeping later and washing my hair… sleeping wins.

So when I came across this book about how to be a grown up my heart soared. Here was the instruction guide I needed to help me become an adult instead of an overgrown 17 year old.

Sadly… I’m pretty sure I did about 435 of the steps already. And… I’m GOOD at them. No… I don’t know how to balance my checkbook (okay, I do in theory) but I do know how to manage my money somewhat so I’m not down to $.05 in my checking account every week. I know what to do when my toilet clogs and I have a makeshift tool kit in my house. I own proper cooking utensils and understand how to use them.

While this one wasn’t really super helpful to me, I feel like this would have been the PERFECT book to have when I was between 23 and 26. These were the years where I was learning how to do most of the steps in this book… through major trial and error. If you know someone between that age who is a) moving out on their own and b) has a great sense of humor… this would be the book to buy them.

The book is divided into different sections with corresponding steps. There’s a general section, a section for work. a section for your house, a section for dating, a section for socializing… it’s interesting to see all these “steps” that SHOULD be ingrained into us, but honestly… they’re not.

I think what I got most out of this book was just some little life reminders rather than helpful hints. No… not everyone is going to like me. Yes… there are people out there who love me like there’s no tomorrow. No… I’m not going to be a CEO by 35. Yes… I should take opportunities with work and life. No… I shouldn’t get drunk on a Tuesday night. Yes… I should get drunk on a Friday night.

Overall.. this was a cute read. I really enjoyed it and laughed a good bit at the writer’s jokes and wry sense of humor. It was really filled with great information for all of use adults, but if you’ve been one for a while, this may not be the one for you. Give it to your younger sibling/cousin/friend/etc; they’ll get better use out of it!


7 thoughts on “Smarty Pants Books: Adulting”

  1. I’ve been curious abuot this book, because I’m also 30, but don’t feel like I always have it together. But then I wasn’t sure if maybe I was too old for it. 😦

    I think I might be. But it does look fun. Thanks for the review!


  2. Don’t take this the wrong way but as an ADULT adult (I’m pushing 41) all I could think of when I saw this book title was “Ugh. Who wants to be a grown up??” and “I need a book on how to feel like I’m 21 when I’m going on 41.” But maybe that’s just me and my old ass self 🙂

    I liked the points you made about the little life reminders. We can all use those regardless of our age:)


  3. It’s great to hear an “adult’s” perspective on the book. 😉 I know I really enjoyed it because I’m the perfect age for it and trying to my adult act together. Glad you enjoyed it, Candice!


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