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True Story Thursday – What a quirky girl

Does anyone remember doing those “All About Me” surveys that would get passed around through emails? I used to LOVE doing them! I absolutely adored finding out weird/random facts about my friends.

OMG you love Pepsi? I LOVE PEPSI!!!

See? Those are things you just cannot know without a 100 Facts About Me survey.

However, to spare you having to read 100 facts about me… I thought I’d list just a few quirky things about me. Because… I’m quite the quirky girl (or at least I like to think so).

~When I was in 3rd grade I read A Little Princess. There’s this scene where Sara is telling her nurse or nanny or someone that she thinks dolls are really alive, but they don’t move when we’re around. She says they have feelings and whatnot too. And while I know this isn’t TRUE… I still think dolls have feelings and move around and yes it’s creepy but this is why I always try to treat my dolls with respect!


(side note: I have a set of Little Women dolls that are sitting on a shelf in my bedroom. Jo is standing in between Beth and Laurie, but every so often she is turned away from Laurie – not my doing. I’m kind of convinced that they’ve had some fight and she’s ignoring him.)

~I have no earthly idea how to make sweet tea. I mean, in theory I know you boil water, let the tea bag steep, add sugar and cold water and then it’s sweet tea. However, I have yet to master this. My tea always tastes yuck. Also, I don’t know how to boil eggs (but I make the best darned deviled eggs you’ve ever tasted!).

~Whenever I eat chicken salad or waffles, I sing these songs from Scrubs.

Chicken Salad: Oh chicken salad! You are so tasty and you’re salad! (not really the lyrics but I sing it anyway)

Waffles: Oh it’s waffle time, waffle time, won’t you have some waffles of mine!


~Speaking of Scrubs, there’s this one episode where the Sesame Street characters are on it and there’s this little dance Elmo does with one of the doctors. I sometimes do this in my office when I get excited over something.


~I often have daydreams about being stranded on a deserted island with a really hot boy… but instead of it being a sexy romance novel type daydream, I start imagining how we would build a hut and start fires, what we would eat and how I could make spoons out of seashells. I blame it on watching The Blue Lagoon and Return to the Blue Lagoon way too much as a child.

~Harvey Kinkle from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is probably my dream date. Despite that he grew up to be a little odd. He’s what boyfriends should be made of.

~I like to sing Part of Your World, in full, from the Little Mermaid to my dog. She doesn’t like this but I don’t care. I also sing (and perform) Ballin the Jack at least once a week at home. (I’m probably singing it right now)


Thanks for letting me share my quirks with you all! While I’m sure there’s more, that’s all I really want to divulge… for now!


5 thoughts on “True Story Thursday – What a quirky girl”

  1. Haha! I love this! I haven’t a clue how to make sweet tea either. I am NOT a kitchen person (and by this I mean that if it needs to be made in the kitchen, I don’t know how to do it) with one exception. I can hardboil an egg. You just put the eggs in a pot in a single layer. Then add cold water from the tap; enough to cover the eggs. Then bring the water to a boil. Once it’s boiling, take the pot off the burner, cover the eggs, and let them sit in the hot water for about 15 minutes. Then you’re done, and never over cooked.

    Is that what you meant, but boil an egg. I’m assuming boiling an egg, and hard boiled eggs are the same thing, but as I mentioned, I’m not a kitchen person and could be SOOOO wrong. 🙂

    I sing to my dogs, too, although it just depends on what song is in my head. But it’s Disney a lot. Or other showtunes.


  2. This was so fun to read! I clearly remember that Scrubs episode with Sesame Street and that Elmo jiggy.

    Omg. I Google your old crush, and what has he become? I remember him as Harvey, but now he is like unrecognizable! He’s a musician now. Had no idea!


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