Dystopian, Young Adult

Miniviews – The First Star to Fall

There seems to be a TON of these novellas out there, and I really love them oh so much, but it’s really REALLY hard to write a full review about them! So I give you Miniviews! Miniature versions of my reviews that are perfectly designed for all the lovely novellas/short stories!

Novella: The First Star to Fall by Diana Peterfreund


Series: For Darkness Shows the Stars and Across a Star Swept Sea Companion Series by Diana Peterfreund; this novella is a prequel to Across a Star Swept Sea

Character Focus: Persis Blake, who is the MC in Across a Star Swept Sea

Spoiler? Not at all! This actually just gives a little background information about the events that lead up to Across a Star Swept Sea and all the revolutionary turmoil that is going on in New Pacifica.

Must Read? Not really… in the sense that it will give you new insight to the story. Without getting too spoilery, this book really just shows the most pivotal moment that affects Persis Blake’s actions in Across a Star Swept Sea. It was pretty harrowing hearing about it in that one… seeing it though in this novella was especially sad!

Final Thoughts: I just finished with Across a Star Swept Sea so this one was a must read for me. It was super quick and really didn’t provide a ton of new information, but I enjoyed seeing the scene that had set the events of the Revolution and Persis’s actions in motion. It also gave me a little more insight into a major secondary character, Andrine. We get some pretty shocking thoughts from her which makes her assistance to Persis all the more admirable.

Quotations: “Tonight, thought Persis Blake, we are warriors, and this was our first battle.”


8 thoughts on “Miniviews – The First Star to Fall”

    1. Both are very good! They’re companion novels, yes, but I would suggest reading Darkness and then Across a Star Swept Sea… things will make more sense! 🙂


  1. I’m really excited for Across a Star Swept Sea, so I’ll have to check this one out! I’m curious to find out about the moment that affects Persis’ future actions. 🙂 Great review!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


  2. Ahhhh, I need to get my hands on Across A Star Swept Sea, but most importantly I need to read this novella because the fact that it is by Diana Peterfreund is enough for me. Also, you make it sound interesting!


    1. I truly think you’d like this one! Also… get yo hands on Across a Star Swept Sea!!! While I loved For Darkness Shows the Stars, I enjoyed this one much much more! And the novella is super good!


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