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True Story Thursday – If I were a Disney Character

I’m sure EVERYONE has had this thought: If I could be any Disney character, who would I be? And, like many many many others, I’m sure the first character you wanted to be was one of the princesses.

And if you’re a book blogger, $5 says you want to be Belle. Just for her library… c’mon, admit it.

While I’m sure that’s probably the character I’m most like – we have brown hair, we MUST be exactly the same – I really never wanted to BE her. I don’t know if maybe the movie came out at a time when I had lost the ability to be completely enthralled by Disney magic or what… but Belle didn’t quite resonate with me.

No, growing up I wanted to be Ariel. I wanted red hair. I wanted to swim and dance underwater. I’m pretty sure I drew hundreds of pictures of her when I was younger because I loved her oh so much! I think I might have also told my mom I wanted to be skinny like Ariel (note: I was not a fat kid when The Little Mermaid came out) and she told me that if a real person was that skinny they would die. But… RED HAIR!!! tumblr_mdyjknvXyO1qg8j6to1_500


I also had a spot in my heart for Wendy from Peter Pan. No joke, she was my favorite – except for a brief time when I was 2 and I think Tiger Lily was my favorite; apparently I used to cross my arms and go “hmph” like she did in the movie.


I watched our bootleg copy of Peter Pan (we bought it in Japan) so many times as a kid I can still quote it. It was honestly my favorite pre-The Little Mermaid movie. When I was maybe 4 or 5 I had a light blue nightgown that I would wear with these blue ballet slippers. I’d then tie my hair up with a blue ribbon and prance around the house like I was Wendy. Oh, memories….


However, lately I’ve been thinking that if suddenly our world poofed into a Disney world and we all became certain characters, I would probably NOT be Belle or Ariel or Wendy… so that got me thinking: Who WOULD I be?


Merryweather, one of the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, is the obvious answer. I mean, she’s short, dumpy, has a sour attitude with a heart of gold… Upside though, she looks good in blue. I can totally rock the blue.


Okay, so this is technically a piece of furniture… but at one point in time the wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast WAS human. For some reason, I think I would be her.


So yeah… MAYBE I can’t be Ariel… but I COULD be one of her sisters! Aquata is supposed to be the 2nd oldest, but she’s rocking the blue! And she’s also a little obsessive and self-conscious, which uh… yeah, totally me.

Any clues as to who you’d be if you were magically changed into a Disney character?


10 thoughts on “True Story Thursday – If I were a Disney Character”

  1. Hahaha, I literally pictured a little girl in my head doing all those things. Oh the imaginations of children… I remember I used to act out every movie I watched when I was young. When I watched Cinderella, I played her. So I’d make my mom sit in bed and act as the stepmother, calling me to do things. I had this little pink basket I’d put on my head, and a tray I’d carry up and down the stairs to her, wearing an apron and black flats. I wouldn’t even watch the movies. Oddly enough though, I never even liked Cinderalla…
    My favourite character has always been Belle — she reads, lives in France (where I would LOVE to live), has brown hair, has an eccentric father (like myself), and fell for a guy who has a massive library and reads (because, I gotta admit, I only fell in love with my boyfriend when I saw he had lots of books and liked to read…).


  2. I’ve always wanted to be Ariel! I’ve been singing since I was a little girl so my parents have a bunch of home movies of me dancing around the house singing Ariel’s songs. I used to pretend to be a mermaid any time I went swimming. And of course, I always wanted the red hair!


  3. Can I be all of the princesses? Just kidding. (But not really.) Seriously though, my favorite was always Belle! I identified with her love of books, her kind heart and her need for adventure. She was eventually joined by Mulan (who’s a fantastic, kick-ass heroine who proves that girls can be just as strong as boys) and Rapunzel (who is a dreamer, very brave and determined to get what she wants).


  4. Hahahaha, this is great! Growing up I loved Ariel, too. RED HAIR, totally! And I loved how long and voluminous it was. And she had such a pretty voice, and Eric was totally adorable to 5-year-old me.

    Now Belle is my favorite, but not because of teh library, but because she has brown hair (me! Well, actually my hair is almost black)) and I used to think she had brown eyes (but apparently she has hazel which is really annoying. Brown eyes are pretty too!). But I like that her story is a I hate you-then I love you. There isn’t instalove. And I think the Beast has a sexy voice. And I like his grumpiness sort of. And dude, Belle loves reading!

    I also had a thing for Jasmine because hello cool clothes! But she gets on my nerves a bit now. I still love her, of course, because Disney!! But she isn’t my favorite.

    But if I weren’t a princess I would probably be someone like Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Although I hope I don’t actually look like a dog. Or, if I were a fairy, I would be more like Fauna – always the peacemaker.


  5. I really like this post. Lately I would have to say that I would love to Rapunzel or Merida. When I was a kid it was totally Airel all the way. I always wanted a voice like hers and in some ways I still do. I also want to be good at sports, but it just isn’t in the cards for me.


  6. The baby bettys have me hooked on the Disney Fairies right now…. Have you seen the movie Secret of the Wings? If not, you should. It is freaking adorable and I’m pretty sure I’d wanna be Periwinkle or Silvermist! πŸ™‚ We are having a little mermaid birthday party tomorrow for baby betty #1… clearly she is on the same page as you. πŸ˜‰


  7. I want to play this game! I totally agree on Ariel. That movie came out when I was in high school (um, don’t do the math. I’m just old) and my now-husband kept asking me out. The fact that Ariel was in love with Prince Eric and my almost-guy was named Eric was not lost on me. Weird? Probably.


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