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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6

I just came across this challenge hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine and whaaaaaaa? This is TOTALLY up my alley! So I’m jumping on the participation wagon and playing along!


I don’t do a TON of book shopping, but I do have a couple of really sweet book spots! Here’s how I do them:

2nd and Charles – My FAVORITE little spot (okay, not so little) to shop for books. It’s a GIANT used book store near my parents’ house. Seriously, aisles and aisles and aisles of books… you can spend hours there and still not look at everything. What I normally do when I walk in is go straight to the “just brought in” section. Usually I don’t find stuff there, but every so often I’ll come across something. Right next to it is a autographed section. I’ve never found anything there that I’ve wanted to get, but one day I may find a hidden gem! After that I may hit the adult section, but generally I go straight to the Cs to look for any good adult Meg Cabot book. Then onto the YA section. There are always 2 tables that are full of books – the first is a “What to read after Twilight” section… I typically skip that. The next is a “Hot YA reads” section. Every now and again I’ll find something. After perusing I head to the floor to ceiling shelves and start looking. I may pull out my phone and open up Goodreads, but usually I just stare. Then I realize I can barely see and will dig around my purse for my glasses. However, in order to a) save my arms and b) not overspend, I do a slow once over, making mental notes of the titles I HAVE TO HAVE and ones I may only want. If there’s a book I’ve been looking for, I’ll put it in my basket. After looking at the entire section, I mentally add up how much I’ve spent so far on books and make final decisions about whether I want to add more to the basket or not. I may hop over to the kids’ section… sometimes there’s a hidden gem among the shelves. Maybe a good MG or YA that just got misshelved. As I walk to the check out counter, I may briefly glance at the School Reads tables – they always have a “classic” and “modern” section. Sometimes I find something!

Library Used Book Store – This is a place I frequent quite often because books are only $1-2. Going here is pretty similar to 2nd and Charles. I start by looking at the “Just In” section. This is a great place to find books, especially those “hey I wanted to read this!” books. Then I take a brief glance at the YA section, but this usually starts out as a bust. I then go to the As and just go through everything. Most of the books I find there are hidden in the stacks. After getting through them, I go to the paperback romance section – I’ve found a few good ones, mostly a Meg Cabot book. Ha! Before going to make my purchases, I always stop at the Sci-Fi section. This section always has some good fantasy and paranormal books.

So there you have it…. that’s how I do what I do!


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