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True Story Thursday – On a Friday

I HAD something written to post yesterday for True Story Thursday…. but then decided against it. Then I decided to write today about book club that we had last night… because it was a disaster.

Our Forever Young Adult book club has been meeting since last fall and, for the most part, has gone pretty okay. But my co-host and I were starting to feel that our group was… well… old. Now, don’t get me wrong… we’re no spring chickens, but we’re both younger adults (late 20s-30) and the other members in our group were our moms’ age. Clearly… not so fun discussing YA with people who are old enough to be your mom.

So I decided to make our book club cooler, younger, hipper. I’m a member of Junior League here in town, so I posted on our Facebook wall, asking if anyone would be interested in joining our group. I thought I’d get one, maybe two people to join. I had a HUGE number of people interested… so yay!

Since we had so many new people joining, or wanting to join, my co-host and I decided to have a cook out at my neighborhood’s pool and clubhouse. It seemed like a good idea, giving people a chance to hang out in a casual setting, get to know each other, etc. We gave everyone well over a month’s notice about this so they could make plans, I reserved the building… actually read the book on time…

When I asked about how many people were coming so I’d know how much food to buy, I got about 8 yes responses. Great! We had a couple people cancel due to personal reasons, but I was still excited for the turnout!

Cut to Thursday afternoon. I left work at 4 to pick up the key to the clubhouse. Got to the main office about 4:20 and was told that the people who used it before didn’t clean up after their event so I would have to clean. Uh, what?

I go to the clubhouse to check it out. It’s not that bad, BUT there’s a) no tables, b) no chairs, and c) no air. This building, btw, has all glass walls. Needless to say IT WAS HOT! I was dripping sweat from just looking around it. To make matters worse, the grill behind the building (that I was planning on using) was a gas grill…. with no gas hooked up to it.

Begin panic mode.

I squared my shoulders and went home to get all the stuff for the event. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Quickly after a costume change (couldn’t wear my cute clothes for this job) I loaded my car with all my stuff, including my big box fan, and set back for the clubhouse. After three trips to and from the car, I set out to get the place in order. Luckily there are a few doors to the building, so I opened them up. Even luckier, there was a breeze, so despite the 90+ degree weather, it was pretty pleasant.

Next, the grill… there was a charcoal one near the pool, so I dragged that behind the clubhouse. Only to discover that I didn’t have QUITE as much charcoal as I had first thought. I’m not the best griller, so this was going to be tricky. Luckily it was only 5:00 and we didn’t start until 6! However…. with the exception of about 6 burgers, the rest took nearly 3 hours to cook. Yikes!

By this time I was drenched in sweat. Downing a glass of iced sweet tea, I went to the bathroom and changed into a sundress. SO MUCH COOLER! Then, I set out to wait for all the guests to arrive, anxious that we’d have a great crowd and a great time.

Sadly… only 2 others showed up. Don’t get me wrong; we had a GREAT time! We took burgers and yummy chilled salads and beer to the pool and had dinner poolside. We had a GREAT convo about our book, chatted about jobs, traveling, children’s movies… it was a really fun night!

And sure… it didn’t go exactly as I had hoped and I felt like I lost about 6 pounds due to sweating, but it was still very very fun. Next time though…. we’ll have the meeting elsewhere. šŸ™‚

I did want to share the salad I brought though… you MUST try it, especially this time of year!

South of the Border Pineapple Salad

1 Fresh Pineapple cut into chunks
Shredded Coconut (I use the sweetened kind)
Coconut Milk (I use the light milk, but use whichever you want)
Chopped Cilantro (optional)

Mix the pineapple with however much shredded coconut you like – I like mine with about 1/3 of the bag. Pour about 1/4 of the can of coconut milk over this mixture; stir to coat. You can add a little more of the milk if needed – will depend on how much coconut you used. Sprinkle on a little cilantro if you want – this really adds color more than flavor (unless you use a lot!). Cover and put in the fridge; the longer it chills the better it tastes!


4 thoughts on “True Story Thursday – On a Friday”

  1. ACK that sounds like Murphy’s Law ALL OVER THE PLACE. I’m glad you still had fun!!! I ended up choosing to stop hosting a lot of things (friend get togethers, book clubs, etc) because I feel like I put SO much work into it and then not even half of the people who said they were going to be there show up…. So I get it! BUT I’m really, really glad you guys still had fun despite all the mishaps! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


  2. Oh my gosh, that sound so stressful, but it seems you were able to handle it really well. I am a children’s librarian, and sometimes I organize events and when no one comes, or we get a small turnout, it’s so disappointing. But even with a smaller group, it sounds like you had a good time.


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