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True Story Thursday – HELP! and Furbabies

I need your help with something first. My little sister’s 21st birthday is this Sunday and I’m working on a gift for her. When both she and my brother turned 16 I gave them a bag of little things that went along with turning 16 – steering wheel cover, CD holder, key chain, etc. – and I’m wanting to do the same thing for my sister’s birthday. Basically I’m wanting to give her 21 things that go with being 21. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Shot Glass
  • Cocktail Recipe Book
  • Ingredients for a cocktail
  • Aspirin
  • Phone Numbers for Cab Companies
  • ID holder
  • Wine Bottle Opener
  • Beer Bottle Opener

As you can see, I’m VERY far from 21 items! Any suggestions? They would be MOST helpful!!!! Also, they don’t really have to be alcohol related. Especially considering my sister doesn’t drink…. hm…

Anyway, on to today’s topic! FURBABIES!!!

ginger 6

I know everyone thinks their furbabies are the cutest, but seriously, mine are totes adorbs! I don’t talk a whole lot about them on the blog or Twitter, so I thought I’d introduce you to the loves of my life!

First up, Ginger!

ginger 10

I got Ginger about 5 years ago on a whim/last minute decision. I saw an ad in the paper for a puppy, it was relatively affordable, and the guy said “If you can meet me in 30 minutes in the Winn-Dixie parking lot, you can have her.” Needless to say, I flew out of work and drove like a Cullen to meet this guy. Actually, it was his scary bearded wife, but that’s beside the point. The SECOND my eyes landed on the little red furball I knew she had to be mine. I mean, how could you say no to this face?!


Now, about her name… yes, I know that redheads are called gingers, but her name actually comes from a huge joke. When I was a freshman in college, our house director had a beta fish named Gilligan. I bought a beta fish and named it Marianne. (you know, from Gilligan’s Island) But then she died years later and I got a new one. My mom jokingly called it Ginger Marianne… I called it Fish. Anyway, as I was trying to figure out a name for the puppy I thought “OMG why don’t I just continue with the Gilligan’s Island theme?” And Ginger was so dubbed.

She is totally a mama’s girl in that she is terrified of everything. I used to joke about “things Ginger is scared of #263: my cell phone.” Seriously though, she’s a total scaredy cat. But, it makes for lots of cuddling because where does she want to go when she’s scared? Ohhhh right by my side!

Like any mama I have about a million stories I could tell you, but instead I’ll just share pictures! They’re cuter anyway. πŸ™‚

Next up, Elliott!

elliott 9

Oh, my little problem child! You know the younger brother on A Christmas Story? This is Elliott. She wasn’t planned but was instead a happy accident. My last apartment complex had a huge cat problem and one night I was going somewhere and saw 2 little kittens playing. I decided that when I came back, if they were still there I was going to play with them. They were, and I did. Of course they ran off, but left their little teeny tiny friend behind. Naturally I scooped her up and, after 3 back and forths of trying to decide if she was coming home with me, she followed me to my car and I adopted her.

Wanting to stick with the TV show names, I started calling her Samantha from Bewitched. (I really wanted to go “Hiya Sammy!” like Uncle Arthur) But that name didn’t stick. So then I started thinking about what my favorite TV shows are and Scrubs immediately came to mind. Hence, Elliott is named after Elliott Reid from Scrubs!

Elliott actually is blind in one eye, has a stump tail (naturally), is SUPER small and major sinus issues… but she’s so stinking cute. I love her anyway! I like to call her my little Graceling kitty because of her two colored eyes. I’m not sure what her Grace would be though.

elliott 12

She’s a pretty happy go lucky cat. As long as you feed her and scratch her head, she’s your new BFF. She also used to love to sleep on my head. I’d wake up and she would be curled up on my forehead. Thank goodness she’s tiny!

So those are my babies!


7 thoughts on “True Story Thursday – HELP! and Furbabies”

  1. Oh my goodness, you puppy and kitty are totally adorable! Haha, and I love the Twilight driving reference. I think you know that one of my dog’s names is Ginger. I named her Ginger because my familiy has always named our pets after food (yeah, you can tell what is important to us, right?). We’ve had Crackers, Ruffles (Ruffles Chips), Snickers (all dogs), and then I have had hamsters named Chip, and Oreo. Oh and in college I had two betta fish (in two different bowls, of course) called Chicken and French Fries (my friend’s three year old daughter named them).

    So when I got Ginger 8 years ago, obviously she needed a food name. And she was reddish when she was a puppy, so Ginger it was. Now I actually name my pets after tv/book characters I like. So Daphne (my other dog) is named for Daphne DuMaurier, and I had another betta fish called Sir Percival Blakeney from The Scarlet Pimpernel. And sometime I’m totally getting a Newfoundland and naming her Hagrid!

    Anyway, I just love your pictures. I love the one with Ginger laying by the cough. My dog Daphne often sleeping in odd positions, and it cracks me. And Elliott is adorbs!


  2. Cute idea for your sister! I think what I really needed for my 21st birthday was a “motion sickness” bag, if you could find one of those it would be funny. As for non-alcohol gifts that sort of go with the alcohol theme maybe some cheese or chocolate (chocolate is just good for any occasion, I say). I got my sister one of those vacuum seal wine corks for her birthday. Sometimes you can find cool looking sets of beer/wine/cocktail glasses on the cheap. Wine charms, drink coozie, maybe you could make her a coupon for a night out on the town where you DD? I bet they even make like margarita-scented candles somewhere. I am apparently full of boozy gift ideas.

    Also your furbabies are adorable!


  3. this entire post makes me happy. love the puppy and kitty. justin hates cats so we have 2 dogs, but a cat is the first thing i’m getting should i ever get divorced. seriously. he can have the dogs. love the names & the meanings. i seriously just want a girl so i can name her elliot. By the way, I named our boxer Poe after a character in the Secret Society Girls books by Diana Peterfreund. also, another good gift idea for sis is a big bottle of gatorade to help with the hangover and maybe a gift card to waffle house or ihop?


  4. Your pets are entirely too adorable! They both look very, very cute, though I can imagine the various shenanigans they get up to… But that could be my imagination running away with me!

    As for gifts, maybe you can add a clutch, a bracelet, sunglasses, a Starbucks GC (for the day after, of course) πŸ™‚


  5. Adorable furbabies! As for gifts, she may not drink, but does she like to entertain? Maybe some “grown up” party supplies, like a cheese board or funky little serving dishes? And Mad Libs. Everyone loves Mad Libs.


  6. YOUR PETS ARE SO CUTE I WANT THEM. My dog recently passed away so I’m kind of obsessed with other peoples’ pets at the moment. They’re like little balls of cute and I love it. My friend has a cat that also likes to sleep on her forehead, so you’re definitely not alone on that one!


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