Dystopian, Young Adult

Iconacally good!

Icons by Margaret Stohl

Icons - Margaret Stohl icons 2

The Skinny: Dol lost everything on The Day. Since then she has lived in the countryside, not knowing exactly what happened on The Day to make everyone she loved drop dead. But when she and her friend Ro are captured and taken to the Embassy, she finds out that there are other teens like her – those with uncontrollable emotions. Studied by the Embassy, Dol and her new friends slowly begin to discover that they may be more than what they’ve always thought.

BFF?: I kind of flip flopped about liking Dol. On the one hand, she was really great. She had a strong personality, questioned things without being radical and seemed fairly level-headed. But on the other, she kind of became a wet blanket at different times. I mean, I got why she was, so I didn’t hold that against her, but it was like she didn’t wholly embrace either one.

Readability: I was a little hesitant about reading this one, but wow. Once I got into it I seriously couldn’t put it down! I also really loved all the memos that were between chapters; they made things super interesting!

Crush Level: 7
I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to like Lucas as much as I did. He was a little wishy washy, and totally douched out with… well I ‘ll let you read about that. However, he kind of reminded me of Peeta. Like in that naive but knows who he is kind of way. He also had a strong streak under him… just like Peeta! Seriously, okay. This is the only reason I like him. He reminds me of Peeta.

Bonus Points:
Skin Marks
This TOTALLY reminded me of I am Number Four and how they got those things on their skin – okay I’ve never read the book just seen the movie. I’m not really sure I understood them, but they were kind of neat.

Uncontrollable Emotions
Uh, who has these? This girl! It was interesting to see how each of the characters’ emotions were triggered, how they affected the other characters and what they generally were.

Commencement Speech: I was HIGHLY surprised by this book! Not that I should have been, but I was. I expected to like it, to be entertained, but I didn’t expect to be so enraptured with this book, clinging to my seat with all the excitement! Now, there wasn’t a lot of action. There were little bouts of it, but mostly it was world building (in a good way) and setting up this whole scene where I guess aliens have taken over the planet and these things called Icons control the energy? I’m not really sure. I expected that to be weird because c’mon… aliens. But it wasn’t! I mean, there weren’t actually aliens in the book; just humans. It was just a roller coaster of who can you trust, what can you trust, what’s going on, who is doing what… definitely kept me on edge until the end!

Yearbook Quote: “None. ARC!”

Superlatives – Most likely to make you miss X-Files

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2 thoughts on “Iconacally good!”

  1. I actually haven’t heard a lot about this book! I was a little curious about it, but dismissive. From your review, it sounds like perhaps I should go ahead and check this one out. It seems worth a read!


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