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The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

eternity cure

The Skinny: Allie has vowed to save her sire, Kanin, from Sarren. But when her bond between her sire calls her to her “brother” Jackal, they set off to find Kanin… back to where her journey began: New Covington. Along the way they learn more about the deadly Red Lung virus that destroyed the world and the scientists who unleashed it. However, a new strain of the virus is beginning to spread, one that will undoubtedly affect both human and vampire.

BFF?: When I reviewed The Immortal Rules, I was not a fan of Allie. She was okay, but I honestly just didn’t like her as a person. Er… vampire. But now? Well… my thoughts towards her may have changed. She wasn’t so hostile and bitchy; she was more relaxed I guess? I think what I really liked was that she had more heart. Allie was genuinely concerned for Kanin, almost the point where I wanted to give her a hug. (I wouldn’t because hello… vampire who doesn’t sparkle) She also cared about Zeke AND all the underlings. I think I liked this side of her better, the one where she’s still awesomely bad-ass but caring and fearful and emotional. Definitely a good combo and I’m glad that my opinion of her has changed!

Readability: There were a few more dragging parts, but for the most part this book rocked. Super fast-paced scenes, lots of action and adventure, deception… all were written wonderfully! As if you could expect anything less from Kagawa.

Crush Level: 7
Whoa there… Zeke has gotten a little higher on the crush level scale! I think it’s because he’s not some namby-pamby pretty boy anymore. He’s grown a set and toughened up. We’re reintroduced to him a little ways in and he’s gotten more muscely, bigger, better. I love how he’s more assertive and domineering (in a good way), taking charge and not letting everyone walk all over him. Definitely made him much more attractive! But, on the flip side, he wasn’t object to standing aside and letting Allie lead. He understood that she was more powerful and didn’t let it get in his way. I like that.

Bonus Points:
zelda chicken
This whole book felt like a quest. Like there were lots of mini challenges along the way. I sometimes imagine books and movies as video games (tell me you don’t do this too) and this book would seriously make a good one! Like “Ohhh we’re on a quest to save the day! But first let’s gather all the chickens for the farmer! Done, back to our quest. Oh wait, if we gather all the rupees we can win a heart!”


I think I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Allie’s old pal, the asshat Stick. I won’t give anything away here, but he shows up and I hate him. The end.

Commencement Speech: I was SO excited about getting approved to read this one. After being skeptical about The Immortal Rules, only to be blown away by it, this sequel was highly anticipated. While it didn’t blow me away quite as hard, I still really enjoyed it. I liked how it set us up for a different adventure. Allie was set up to rescue Kanin at the end of the first book, but this one took us in a totally different direction, letting us see that there’s more to her world than just vampires and rabids.

The real star of this book is hands down Jackal. Yes, he’s a bad guy in the first book and remains pretty bad in this one, but we get to see more of him. He becomes developed and actually personable. His dark witty humor had me laughing at several scenes that probably weren’t that funny and I eventually began to root for him, almost forgetting his past deeds. Almost.

Overall, great follow up. The ending was a little obvious, but nonetheless heart-wrenching. I can’t wait for the next book!

Yearbook Quote: “The lesser of the two evils was still evil.”

Superlatives – Most likely to make you wonder if you’ve had all your inoculations

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3 thoughts on “The Eternity Cure”

  1. I really loved this one, and agree that Allie really underwent some awesome character development. I also liked the inclusion of Jackal, who cracked me up completely, and the fact that we got some background info into the Red Lung virus. I’m super excited to read the last book! I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for its release. 😛


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