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Armchair BEA: Giveaway and Literature

I’ll be honest… I’m not good at giveaways. Trust me on this. So I’m not going to host one!

But… I think I’ll take this time to tell you about some great things coming up on my blog!

ARC/Galley catch up: I have too many and need to read them. So in June I’m going to be catching up on the tons that I have!

The Selective Collective: if you don’t know what this is, we are a group of bloggers who have a unique way of reviewing new releases. This month we reviewed Sarah Ockler’s The Book of Broken Hearts. So good! There’s also a giveaway for this book (not hosted by me – seriously I’m terrible at them) . Next month we will be reviewing Ink by Amanda Sun, which we’re really excited about!

Now, the giveaway for The Book of Broken Hearts – It’s actually hosted by one of my fellow SC gals Tee @ YA Crush! You can check out both her interview with Sarah Ockler AND enter the giveaway here. Contest ends June 5, so get your entries in!

At the end of July I will be participating I the Gayler Foreman read along, hosting the If I Stay part. If you’ve never read this or just want a reread thus will be a great time to do so! Keep an eye out on my blog for more details! OR to sign up now, head on over to The Book Addict’s Guide!

Discussion: General Literary Fiction

Which works of art have changed your life?Ā  I love the fact that books can be considered works of art. I’m not a huge art person, but sometimes this overwhelming sense of understanding about art comes over me and it’s beautiful and meaningful and all the things! What I love most about books is how they have the capability of opening you up to so many new things all at once and, on occasion, can be life changing.

We’ve been asked to be creative in listing our books that have changed our lives. I’ll be honest, the creative juices are not flowing today, so I’ll just get to it and list the 5 books that have literally changed something about my life.

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married – You know when you stumble upon a book that speaks to you with every word? Yes, this book is, on the surface, a little fluffy, but there were so many aspects that changed my life. I picked this one up at an awkward stage in my life – early 20s – and it spoke to me. It showed me a future that I wanted, despite all the obstacles. It showed me how rough and raw life is, not just for me, but for everyone.

Baby Sitter’s Club: Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye – I know, this is a silly one to list, but I feel like this book, when I read it, was totally life-changing. I moved around a lot when I was younger – I had gone to 4 different elementary schools by 4th grade – so I felt the pain the BSC group felt in losing one of their own. I remember bawling in my bedroom after reading this book. This is the first time that I ever became so emotionally invested in a book and, in hindsight, learned that it’s okay to be that invested.

Twilight – Another silly one to list, but as I’ve mentioned many times on my blog this book was my gateway to YA. Little did I know just how much this book would change my life. No… its words and story didn’t change my life, but the world it opened up for me did! I often think without picking it up, would I have started reading YA predominately? Would I have started my blog? Would I have “met” so many wonderful people because of it? The answer is: no. I am certain I would not.

Cinder – When this one was all a buzz on the bloggerverse I was SUPER hesitant to read it. Cyborgs? Futuristic Japan? C’mon… that is not for me. But, after months of telling myself how I didn’t know I could get behind it, I finally listened to the audiobook. Not surprisingly, this became one of my favorite books. This isn’t really what changed my life, but it showed me to not be judgmental or assume that I’m not going to like something because it’s different. I’ve learned to take chances, not only on books but on other things that I may be hesitant about.

Tickle a Pickle – Don’t be fooled by this underlying dirty sounding title (trust me, be super careful when browsing for this book on Amazon). It was a children’s book that I had when I was a little girl. Honestly, one of the first books I remember reading ALL THE TIME. It was essentially a book of silly poems, the main one being the book’s namesake. “Tickle a pickle! Say ‘eek’ to a leek!” (that’s all I remember) I’m not sure what about this was life-changing, but I think it makes me realize the importance of having books for your children. My mom, who I swear I got my love of reading from, made sure I was never without a plethora of books. I hope one day to share this book (if I can survive the dirty results on Amazon) with my own children (should I ever have any).


10 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Giveaway and Literature”

  1. i’m with you, twilight, though now we look at it as an embarrassment, really opened up a lot for me. it got me back into reading, big time, not just YA. great post!


  2. That’s a fun topic – five books that changed your life.

    I’m trying to think which ones I would choose. Probably:

    1. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich – reading these books made me realize that books that make me laugh will always be my favorites. And that they are just as worthy as serious books.

    2. Discovering Harry Potter before the huge craze. I’m not exactly sure how this book (or even the whole series) changed my life, but I’m sure it has. Maybe just by being so successful, and bringing so much attention to children’s and YA literature.

    Oh gosh, I’m not even sure what else.

    But I totally get you with Twilight. I was a librarian assistant when I read Twilight, so I was already very much into read children’s and YA books, so it didn’t change me the way it did you. But I hear what you said a lot about Twilight and I think that’s amazing.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing šŸ™‚


  3. Cinder? Agreed! And it was the same for me! I waited until Scarlet came out to read Cinder – and those novels blew me away! they were really, really well done and will probably stay with me for a long time!


  4. Haha, I’m not terribly good at giveaways either, even though I’m hosting two. I think next time I’ll finally have to start using Rafflecopter. Right now, I draw from a hat, because drawing from a hat is oddly satisfying.

    I’ve had so many books and stories change my life. One of them was Ray Bradbury’s “Dark they were, and golden-eyed,” a short story set on Mars that helped me discover a lifelong love of reading. I had forgotten the title and author of the story, as I had read it when I was in maybe third or fourth grade, but I re-discovered it last night and it was every bit as amazing as I’d recalled.


  5. I love how the five books that you chose are SO personal to you in terms of what they did for you! The best books are the kind that leave a lasting impression, and these certainly seemed to have done that for you. I’m particularly inclined to agree with Cinder – didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I’m OBSESSED with that series.

    (Also, I too will attempt to clear out the remaining ARCs and galleys I have left to read. Fingers crossed I get a ton done before July!)


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