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Armchair BEA: Development and Genre Fiction

Welcome to day 2 of Armchair BEA! Loving today’s topic and getting to dig a little deeper into how I’ve developed as a blogger!

Have you branched out into your community? I like to think I have! It took me a little while to get into the swing of things, but I feel like I’ve become a part of our wonderful YA bloggers community. Through commenting on others’ blogs, tweeting and chatting, emailing… I’ve made several really GREAT friends out there! Sometimes I forget that I’ve never met these people; they feel like life-long friends that I’ve known since childhood! On a more professional side, I haven’t done as much as I probably could as far as branching out into the community. I follow my favorite authors on Twitter, and feel comfortable enough to tweet them. I’ve emailed a couple of publishers and developed those relationships… but I feel like I’m not quite as connected. Maybe because the blogging community is SO BIG; there’s so many of us compared to the number of publishers, authors, etc.!

Do you partner with other bloggers? Yes, absolutely! My biggest partnership is with the lovely ladies of The Selective Collective (Tee @ YA Crush, Daphne & Kiki @ Gone Pecan, Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide, and Sandie & Diana @ Teen Lit Rocks). It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and not only for the great books we’ve gotten to review! I’ve loved getting to know these ladies and chat with them daily about everything from hot boys to being a mom to new movie releases!

Have you gone “pro” or begun supplementing your income through your blog? No… I like to keep my blog non-professional (ie no money) but if my book buying habits get worse I might need to look into this! If only I could make a living from the blog!

Are you a long-term blogger, and how has your online personality developed over the years? I don’t know if I’d consider myself “long-term” but I have been blogging for well over a year now with no thoughts of quitting! I don’t know how much my “online” personality has developed, but I know my in person personality has developed some since I began blogging! I feel like maybe I’m a little more out-going with my interests now – not only reading. I think finding a like-minded group from blogging, and feeling comfortable now to talk about my interests, has made me more comfortable in general. Like my in person personality has began to reflect my online personality. Which I LOVE! because I’ve felt for a long time now that my true personality is the way I write on my blog, on tweets, etc. but have just held it in in person… because it’s a little quirky!

Discussion: Genres

What draws you to a specific genre? One word: kissing. I know, some people only read one, maybe two, genres… but I like to think that I’m a pretty equal opportunity when it comes to genres. I like paranormal, I like fantasy. I enjoy a good contemporary and love a good horror. But the one thing that they all MUST have is kissing.

Do vampires, zombies, or witches float your boat? Lord, I love all of these! I think what I love best about these, and just about any paranormal being (except werewolves!) is the lore behind them. Most recently I’ve gotten into the lore behind fey. Not my favorite paranormal by any means, but it’s very interesting I think!

Or, do you prefer the heat of romance? I’ll be honest… I’m not a huge fan of romance books. (I know, contradictory if you read above) I like a good romance but not ones that are specifically about the romance. Does that make sense? I like romance to be secondary to whatever is going on. I want it to be there, but not to be the main focus.

Recommend your favorite genres and/or books and help build reader TBR shelves a bit more! Hold on to your seats!

Fantasy: His Fair Assassins series

Paranormal: Blood of Eden series, Paranormalcy series

Contemporary: Eleanor & Park, Book of Broken Hearts, Going Vintage

Sci-Fi: Icons, Chaos Walking Trilogy

Dystopian: The Hunger Games (duh)


14 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Development and Genre Fiction”

  1. I think I’m the same way with romance–I like romance IN books, but I don’t typically like ROMANCE books. I don’t like it to be the whole focus!


  2. I definitely know what you mean that you don’t like to read just romance books. I do enjoy a good romance in my novels, but there has to be more going on than just the feelings between people.


  3. It’s so much fun to see what other people think about different genres! I like kissing too, but it’s not a must for me to want to read a book, or to enjoy it.

    I am just a little blogger, and I don’t think I want to branch out too much… I love following the bloggers I’ve found, and I enjoy finding more to follow. Then, to get to know them better is, like you say, meeting new friends, without actually meeting…

    Thanks for stopping by my Better Blogger / Genre Fiction post earlier.


  4. You know, since I’ve been blogging, I’ve become much more confident in myself IRL. I love that that is one of the outcomes of blogging. It’s the best!


  5. I think we are going to become best friends… I don’t know anyone else who needs kissing in books like I do. πŸ™‚ I don’t mind if it’s a little romance or a lot of romance, there just better be romance!!

    I am so glad I stopped by because I have been struggling so hard to finish Fragments and reading about your kissing requirement made me think about the fact that there is no kissing, romance, anything in Fragments and that is probably a big factor for why it is taking me so long to read it!


  6. Love kissing but not romance genre books? I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I adore romance as a subplot, but if it’s the only plot … it’s just not my thing. I’m not a big fan of werewolves either, I keep trying to like them, but it’s just not working. And I agree one of the great things about blogging is meeting fellow book lovers. Great post πŸ™‚


  7. Even though I’ve been blogging for about two years, I still think that I’m in the development stages. This year, particularly, has been a year of experimentation – I’ve done blogger collabs, worked closely with authors and publishers and even tried out things for myself. The best part, for me, is getting to talk to like-minded people though, since I don’t know anyone in real life (or I didn’t use to know anyone) who loved books as much as I do!


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