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I’ll keep you my Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols

Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols

The Skinny: Bailey’s younger sister Julie is country music’s up-and-coming star and Bailey, although a talented musician herself, plays back-up fiddle to an Elvis impersonator at the mall. Forced by her parents to stay out of the music scene so the focus can be on Julie’s career, Bailey is sent to her grandfather’s for the summer. But when Bailey is assigned to play with a Johnny Cash impersonator and his son named Sam, she soon gets swept up into the Nashville music scene and joins Sam’s band. However, keeping her music playing a secret, especially when she begins to fall for Sam. But is he just using her for her record-label connections via her family or is he, too, starting to fall for her?

BFF?: Bailey for the win! Sure, she was slightly bratty when it came to her sister – especially considering how close they used to be – but c’mon.. I’d be bratty too if my my family treated me like her’s did! I absolutely loved how sassy Bailey was, how she took her job with the impersonators with a grain of salt, and how, despite her tough exterior, she really was a hurt girl just wanting to embrace something she truly loved. I also loved her style… it was a little bit country AND a little bit rock and roll. Or… er… punk? I dunno. She kind of reminded me of the singer from The Band Perry. Either way, I really loved reading Bailey and would totally love being BFFs with her!

Readability: Like most of Jennifer Echols’ books this one was pretty easy to read. I flew through it, not wanting it to end! I also REALLY got into the setting, the music, the excitement… I wanted to pull on my cowgirl boots and go cut a rug!

Crush Level: 6
Okay… Sam was HOT. Hot, hot, hot. He kinda made my toes curl and my skin tingle. So why the lower rating? I thought he had some pretty douche moves throughout the book. I won’t go into them, but having been in Bailey’s place (not the banished from my family place) my heart broke after he treated her the way he did. Now, don’t let this deter you from him… PLEASE don’t let it. Even my favorites Michael Moscovitz and Grayson Hall and Jonah effing Griggs had some pretty douchy moments. But I think Sam kinda crossed the line with his whole “it’s not you, it’s me” moment that made me want to punch him in the face. I don’t care how swoony hot you are… playing music… singing… lips… and wait a minute stop tempting me with your sexiness!

Bonus Points:
Nashville Music Scene
I’ve never actually been to Nashville nor do I really have a huge desire to go there. HOWEVER, this book totally made me want to go to the bars and listen to music! I was really thrown into the music scene and loved every moment of it!


Maybe it’s my love of Pa Ingalls talking, but I LOVED the fact that Bailey played the fiddle. When I was little I wanted to play the violin (I had a friend who did) so I’ve always loved musicians who can play!

Country Rock Band

Okay, country music is not my favorite. However, I really do love when it has some rock/bluegrass notes to it. Like when it’s more traditional music and not “my lady left in my pick-up truck and took my dog and mama died drinking beer” kind of country music. So to see this kind of country music was pretty awesome to read about!

Commencement Speech: So, I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while now, ever since I saw it on someone’s Waiting on Wednesday. I was getting major antsy about it too. One day I checked out something on Edelweiss and OMG I WAS APPROVED FOR THIS ONE?! How could I have forgotten that?! I really enjoyed Dirty Little Secret. I’m just gonna say it: it may be my new favorite Echols’ book behind Such a Rush! The music concept played a huge part of the book and I absolutely loved it. I felt right in the middle of Nashville and the music scene; I nearly felt like I could hear the music, dance along to it. So much fun!

My ONLY complaint about this book was that the romance was way too rushed. The book takes place over maybe a week or two and we get this huge romance that turns crazy complicated! It wasn’t quite insta-love, which I liked. Like I genuinely felt like Bailey and Sam fell in love and it was slow and wonderful. But when I sat back, I realized “Wait… only 3 days have past? What?!” Maybe I’m too practical for that kind of love.

Another thing that really grinded my gears (not about the book, just in general) was Bailey’s family. They were total asshats and I couldn’t stand them. Especially her fame-seeking mom. Ugh! Luckily, they don’t appear too much in this book so I don’t have to deal with them.

Overall… FANTASTIC read! Even if country music isn’t your scene, trust me… after reading this, you may be honky tonk all over!

Yearbook Quote: None! ARC!

Superlatives – Most likely to make you want to kick up your heels

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5 thoughts on “I’ll keep you my Dirty Little Secret”

  1. We have twin opinions on this one! I loved Bailey and the setting, but the pacing and Sam drove me nuts. Overall I really liked it, but I could never bring myself around to liking Sam because he just seemed so untrustworthy. And I hated that the first 50% or so of the book pretty much took place on one day/night. Great review!


  2. I’m kind of curious about this one. I’m always a but apprehensive about read Jennifer Echol books, though. I reviewed a book today, Queen of Babble, that has almost insta-love. The characters fell for each other so quickly, but I could understand why they liked it other. But I’m kind of practical, too, so I have to tell myself, okay this is just a book, any maybe that can happen to some people.


    1. For some reason I think you’d like this one. I know you once told me you didn’t like the one that was set in NYC (can’t remember title). When I read it I could see why. This one didn’t remind me of that one AT ALL! Hopefully I’m not wrong! 🙂

      I think the older we get the more practical we are when we come to love and falling into it. Like falling in love quickly doesn’t REALLY happen. Maybe we’re just jaded. 🙂


  3. Of course, when I read the title of this post, I started singing that All-American Rejects song (which I love)! I’m intrigued by this book. It looks like a great contemporary read, and since I’ve only really read two books by Echols, I’m always in the market for more. Will definitely be checking this one out!


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