Dystopian, Young Adult

The Elite

The Elite by Kiera Cass

the elite

The Skinny: The Selection has been narrowed down… six are left, now known as the Elite. And for America, her choice has become even harder. Although she still loves Aspen and is constantly reminded of the life they could have, her new found love for Maxon is sweeping her off her feet. But when things take a darker turn, her choice becomes cloudy when true natures are brought to light. As the rebel forces begin to grow, the attacks on the palace becoming increasingly dangerous, America realizes her time to make a decision is quickly running out.

BFF?: When I first read The Selection, I really did like America. She was true to herself and who she was. I liked that. And I continued to like that in The Elite. In fact, her sticking to her principles should have made her more endearing to me. So… why did my opinion of her alter? America Singer slowly became like the Taylor Swift of The Elite. Here she has this really great prince and she screws that up to be with her ex. Then when the ex isn’t what she thought, she goes back to the prince. Then the prince does something and she goes back to Aspen. Then Aspen does something wrong and she goes back to Maxon. Next thing you know she’s singing about her teardrops on her guitar. <rolls eyes at America>

I will give her that in light of all these things, her reasons for jumping back and forth are pretty founded.

Readability: I really enjoyed reading this one, probably more than the Selection! It was fun, twisting, and left me emotional at some scenes.

Crush Level: 5 3
When I reviewed the Selection I only talked about Maxon – I didn’t like Aspen thank you very much. But this time, since both boys play bigger roles in America’s journey, I’m going to talk about them both. Let’s start with Aspen. He’s a tool. A) He dumped America and broke her heart… AFTER he convinced her to go out for the Selection. B) He’s all “oh I’m so poor and can’t provide for you like you deserve.” Give me a break. She loves you. Love will keep you together. But that’s all in the last book… so now Aspen is a guard and is a higher caste so clearly… now he can have America. Like breaking her heart doesn’t matter anymore. He now has money. He redeemed himself by really being sweet at times… but still. There were so many moments that made me cringe over him! Like he didn’t believe in America. He just wanted her to get out of the contest so she could be his. Blerg.

Then Maxon… you know, I really had a soft spot for Maxon. I thought he was cute and awkward and just… well great. Boy… book really painted him in a new light! I mean, I know when you’re dating multiple women publicly you can’t really just focus on one, but my heart genuinely broke for America over some of the stunts Maxon pulled. And then there were just times of total dickness that just… ugh, I couldn’t stand him at these points. And when he would explain himself, I found myself forgiving him… but then I kept being reminded of all the slick-talking my ex used to do and I wanted to punch Maxon in the face. Blerg.

Bonus Points:
Party Planning
party planning
There’s a section where the remaining girls have to plan parties for visiting diplomats. While I don’t want to give any of the plans away, it was SO interesting to see how the girls worked together and what they eventually pulled off!

Parents Weekend

Yay for Parents’ Weekend, the highlight of any semester, summer camp, or contest to win the heart of a prince! I loved getting to see America reunited with her family and how they got to visit the palace!

Commencement Speech: So, despite my rather ranting Crush Level, I actually enjoyed this one immensely, so much more than The Selection. While The Selection was slightly cheesy and loads of fun, with only slight serious sections, The Elite tackled more serious matters, such as the impending rebels, the difficulties of the nobility and diplomacy, as well as the subject of heartache. I found my original conceived notions of the characters challenged and constantly tested with every turn of the page. I also loved that we got the opportunity to see more of America’s world, both the one she lived in and the one she could potentially live in. I am definitely a fan of this series and all that is soon to come next!

Yearbook Quote: “I’m sure you would have stopped it if you could have.” “In a heartbeat.”

Superlatives – Most likely to want to punch your ex in the face

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2 thoughts on “The Elite”

  1. I have very similar opinions about America and Maxon. I felt they both took a step back in my opinion. I LOVED Maxon and America in The Selection but they were so frustrating in The Elite. Still, I’m hopeful for The One.


  2. “America Singer slowly became like the Taylor Swift of The Elite.” Yes, yes, YES! That sentence totally had me laughing, and I completely agree with it! Still, I’m excited to see what happens in The One! 🙂 Great review!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


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