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Bout of Books: Day 5

Yesterday was NOT a good reading day for me. Like at all. Therefore… not too many updates today!

bout of books

Here’s what I read yesterday:

The Madman’s Daughter – I have an ARC of this one, but I can’t find it. Which sucks because I was almost halfway through it! Luckily, it was only $1.99 on Amazon so I bought it to finish for Bout of Books. I think I read about 5 pages yesterday. I’m pretty sure I already read them though.

The Book of Broken Hearts – We’re reading this for this month’s Selective Collective, so I needed to get on the ball reading this! I started it last night, but didn’t make a HUGE dent in it… read only about 3 chapters. BUT! It’s so good so far! Love the writing, the voice, the characters… I have a feeling it’s going to make me swoon and break my heart!

I also had book club last night, which was SUPER fun! We went to a BBQ joint here in town… I’ve eaten the ribs from there (best ever!) but never been to the restaurant. I think I may have discovered my newest favorite pulled pork!

And finally…. today’s challenge sounds super fun AND it’s hosted by one of my blogging faves, Gaby over at Queen Ella Bee Reads! Today’s challenge is to resummarize a book based on its cover. This may be super hard to choose just WHICH cover I’d resummarize!


When Rhine’s parents died, she was left in the care of the only family she has left, an estranged wealthy uncle. She enters a world of laughter and games, toys and pretty things. As Rhine grows older, she begins to realize that her fairy tale world is more of a nightmare. Forbidden by her uncle to leave her home, treated like the little girl she once was, Rhine is trapped, stuck in permanent childhood. But when she discovers she carries the virus that killed her parents, Rhine must escape her uncle’s grasp and find a cure before the fever takes her too.









Yeah…. probably not the best I could do…. haha. And really not too far from the actual book description. BUT… c’mon… dystopian Flowers in the Attic-esque novel? Tell me you don’t want to read that.

Here’s to another day of reading! We’re in the home stretch, hooray!


3 thoughts on “Bout of Books: Day 5”

  1. HI I LIKE YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!! I’m so glad you had fun with the challenge. And y’know what? I like your new Fever summary. I hope you like(d) the book as it is too!!! (I know I loved) I hope Bout of Books went AMAZINGLY AND AWESOMELY for you! ❤


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