Contemporary, Young Adult

What do you mean no cell phones?!

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt


The Skinny: After discovering that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory swears off all modern technology, her inspiration coming from a list of goals written by her grandmother in the 1960s. Mallory decides to accomplish all the things on the list, sans technology. But simple doesn’t always mean easier, as Mallory soon discovers.

BFF?: Okay, I seriously LOVED Mallory! She was spunky and funny and reading about her technology-less life was hilarious! But honestly, I kind of felt for the girl. After discovering her boyfriend’s cheating she takes it crazy hard. I mean, I would too! She also has super cute relationships with her younger sister and dad, but kind of a torrential one with her mom. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s not great.

Secondary BFF: Mallory’s younger sister Ginny. Ohhh she reminded me of my own little sister, but cuter! She was really sassy and outspoken, kind of bratty but totally forgivable because you could really tell how much she wanted to help her big sister out.

Readability: I was addicted to this book! The writing was so funny and fresh but not light and fluffy at all. It had a lot of heart that really spoke out I thought!

Crush Level: 7
Oliver, who just happens to be Mallory’s ex’s cousin, started out as being this hipster punk smartypants who was totally adorable! Sure, he kind of gave Mallory a hard time, but I loved the fact that he basically didn’t care anything about his cousin – not in a bad family kind of way, but in that he didn’t hold whatever is cousin said about Mallory against her. He basically marched to his own beat and did his own thing, like that guy who is too cool for school that, while you kind of hate him, you secretly love him.

Marcus Flutie comes to mind!

Bonus Points:
This book made me sort of obsessed for a little while with the 60s. While yes… it SEEMED so much simpler back then, things were pretty torrential with the state of the world. McCarthyism, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, the Cold War… While it might seem like a good time to be a teen, really… it wasn’t. But then there are the ideas of finding a steady, going to the winter formal, beehive hairdos…

No Technology
We read this one for Selective Collective and, for my part, I “went vintage” for 24 hours. Seriously, the hardest 24 hours ever. And I actually lived in a time when there wasn’t all the marvels of today. So an entire book about a teen who voluntarily gives up technology? Yes please!

Commencement Speech: Where can I begin to tell you how absolutely cute this book was? It’s hilarious, heartfelt, thought-inducing and super witty. Mallory’s foray into no technology is of course, the main focal point, but it’s so much more! There are so many changes in Mallory’s life that watching her grow and learn from these situations gives this book so much more depth than you’d initially think. Secrets come out, feelings are hurt, love is found… it never ceased to surprise me!

Yearbook Quote:  “Adolescence is the same tragedy being performed again and again. The only things that change are the stage props.”

Superlatives – Best example of why technology is so important

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10 thoughts on “What do you mean no cell phones?!”

  1. Haha I agree with Daphne!! I LOVED Oliver! So stinkin’ cute. I love Mallory AND Ginny too. This was just such a great cast of characters and the story was so much fun!


  2. This book sounds so fun! I have a copy on hold at the library and can’t wait to read it. I can’t imagine today’s YA’s managing without technology. This is a good book for unplugged week!


  3. I’m really glad you liked this book! I, unfortunately, was unable to finish it. I see why everyone enjoys it, but I got kind of bored. At times it felt like the story was going nowhere. I did really like Oliver, though! He was a little different and not really my type, but I thought he and Mallory worked well (at least as friends. I can’t remember if they became anything more).


  4. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I didn’t love it, actually. I finished it, and I thought it was okay, but some things I had a hard time with. I actually can’t remember what they were now, because it’s been a little since I read this one, but I know I wasn’t madly in love.

    I did really like Oliver, though!


  5. This book sounds so cute! Every time I see someone review it, I think to myself that I need to read this soon. It’s an interesting idea – going without technology. I mean I try not to be on my phone 24/7 but I always have it WITH me. I don’t know how Mallory does it haha. Great review!


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