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Top Ten Tuesday – Top words and topics

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

There are just some words that scream at me. There are some topics that I will not shy away from. While I may not read books that boast either of these, I will at least pick them up to look at!

Here are the words and topics that attract me most to books:


Chronicles – Maybe because I have a huge love of the Narnia series, anything with chronicles in the title at least gets looked at!

Princess – I want to be a princess. Not like “one day I’ll be queen” princess, but like one of the 8th cousins by marriage princesses. I love any kind of princess… spoiled ones, helpful ones, modern ones, medieval ones… they all have something so unique about them that makes them fun for me!

Goddess – Pretty much the same thing with princess. I love stories about goddesses, or people influenced by them. Now, I might not actually READ the book if it’s something like a movie star or diva or something that has nothing to do with goddesses… but it’ll at least get picked up!

Sisters – I LOVE sister books! While I do love the brother relationship dynamics, whether between a sister and brother or two brothers, sister relationships are the best! None are the same, which always makes them exciting and surprising for me. I also love comparing the relationship between sisters in books to that I have with my sister.


Mythology – I am a HUGE mythology nerd. Any book that I see that’s about mythology – it doesn’t even matter what KIND of mythology – I’ll pick it up. 9/10 times, I’ll read it. Even if it sucks, I’ll read it. I absorb that shizz like a sponge!

Corrupt Governments – I’m aware that I may be the only person who has faith our government isn’t entirely corrupt, but I love reading books that have a totally corrupt government. And I’m not really talking about just a super strict government like we sometimes see in dystopians. I’m talking like flat out lying to the masses and hoarding power and secret super projects to wipe the masses.

Boarding School – It doesn’t matter what kind of boarding school – spy school, magic school, thief school, international school, girls school, boys school, Hogwarts – I will read it. Hands down, I will read it. While this is more of a setting, I think the topic of students dealing with boarding school, whether adjusting to or dealing with the day to day occurrences there, is really interesting.

Retelling – Especially if it’s a fairy tale. Those are the best. However, even retellings of novels, plays, historical events, or whatever… there’s something interesting about taking an original tale and spinning into something completely new!

The South – Duh. I love books set in my neck of the woods, so I’m always on the look out for books that take place down here. If they take place in Alabama… you better bet that I’ll be reading it! It doesn’t matter what the book is about, you can’t escape topics that are unique to the South!

Self Esteem – This is a topic that is TOTALLY close to my heart. While I want to read books about girls and boys who overcome their issues, I thoroughly enjoy one that shows girls and boy who maybe fail with these issues, who realistically deal with them and may not live happily ever after.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top words and topics”

  1. yes for Boarding School–i wish i could have experienced that. maybe in my next life. also the south, for the same reasons as you 🙂 i like to see how we’re portrayed.


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