Classics Retold – Mythology “The Iliad”


First off… I am SOOOO excited about this! After participating in The Cheap Reader’s Project: Fairy Tale, I knew I HAD to participate in her newest endeavor! This one, however, is so much bigger and it’s hosted by several other of my favorite bloggers!

I mean, obviously I’m doing Mythology because hello I love mythology. Granted, maybe I should have chosen something else so it would be more of a challenge for me but hello… mythology.

So to challenge myself a little bit, I decided to choose some mythology that actually terrifies me. I’ve read a little bit of mythology in high school and college, but have steered clear of any of the epic poems… mostly because the word “epic” scares the pants off of me!

I chose to read the Illiad, which features two of my favorites Helen and Hector (not together mind you), as well as some godly fun!

In a couple of weeks I’ll be posting about the books and movies that I’m going to be featuring as part of my Classics Retold project. I’ve gotten a few ideas so far, but could use some suggestions if you have any! I can’t WAIT to get started!!!

Oh yes!!!
Oh yes!!!

4 thoughts on “Classics Retold – Mythology “The Iliad””

  1. I was never required to read full texts of myths and classics in high school, but I’m a Greek mythology nerd and read a lot of the Greek myths FOR FUN. The Iliad was long, but somehow I finished. Though it’s not as memorable as other Greek classics, I think it’s a great idea for this project! Hope you enjoy it (and all the reincarnations)!


  2. I came thisclose to signing up for Mythology, too, but ultimately went with something else. Have you read Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner? It’s about young Helen, and I personally found it enjoyable. There’s a sequel, too, which is called Nobody’s Queen.

    I’m sure I’ve read others, but am currently drawing a blank. If I think of any others I’ll definitely share them with you! 🙂


  3. I’m excited to see what books you choose to read for this! I’m excited that we’re both doing Homer, I hope you don’t find it too intimidating and enjoy it! You’ve got some awesome story there–Helen, the Trojan Horse, Achilles, so much good stuff to work with.


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