Mythology, Young Adult

I come from a land down under

Underworld by Meg Cabot


The Skinny: Underworld takes place immediately following Abandon (I think). Pierce wakes up in John’s apartment and knows that she is now trapped in the Underworld. Accepting her fate and John’s warnings that she’s safest with him, she begins to become acclimated to her new life. But when her cell phone mysteriously shows her a video of her cousin Alex trapped inside a coffin, Pierce begs John to take her back to her world to save him. Because while the Furies may not be able to hurt her, nothing says they can’t hurt the ones she loves.

BFF?: It’s been a while since I read Abandon, so I wasn’t sure I remembered if I liked Pierce or not. According to my review of Abandon, I did not. So imagine my surprise when I actually DID like her in Underworld! I mean, she was a little dense at times, but I just really seemed to click with her this time around. I can’t put my finger on what it was though.

Readability: Again, checked my previous review of Abandon and apparently I didn’t like how it read. This one, however, was much more straightforward and reminded me of just why I love Meg Cabot’s work. It was exciting and fun to read, keeping much more gripped than Abandon!

Crush Level: 9
I’m really throwing out all the high marks lately! John was just as sexy as he was in Abandon, but I felt a little more connected to him this time around. He’s a little gruff, a little rough around the edges, but I LOVED that he continuously tried to take Pierce’s comments seriously – such as her suggestion to make the newly dead more comfortable in their new world. He gives them blankets! I mean, c’mon… who DOESN’T like seeing a boy make slight changes per your suggestion? I think what I love most about John is that he is a classic romance novel love interest. He’s muscley, he’s brooding, he’s dark and handsome… I love that!

Bonus Points:
Taking GF advice
Here’s a little story about why I love this: My BGFF (best guy friend forever) (ie the boy I’ve crushed on for nearly 10 years) used to tell me I was ridiculous/crazy/insane all the time (in his defense, I really was), but, having major depression issues that I blamed my ridiculousness/craziness/insanity on, I got REALLY upset over this. So I continuously asked him to stop, but he wouldn’t – his response was “stop acting so ridiculous/crazy/insane and I’ll stop calling you that.” It caused many arguments. So one day, I have no idea what brought this up, he made a comment about how he knew how much I was bothered by him calling me those things and so he was trying not to say them to me. Looking back on early 20s Candice and BGFF, this seems really ridiculous and childish, but back then it was a super important moment in our friendship because he was doing something to make me feel better/happier.

Pierce begins to learn a little more about Isla Huesos’ sordid history… which, btw, is awesome!

I’m not really sure WHY pirates make an appearance in this book, but they do!

Commencement Speech: I have been putting off reading Underworld because I just didn’t like Abandon. It really wasn’t for me and therefore I was resigned not to read the rest of the series. But, I was perusing the library’s shelves the other day and saw it sitting there… something made me want to pick it up, to give it another try. I am SO glad that I did! My love for Meg Cabot, while still going strong, has seen me through and I am a huge fan of this series now! Maybe it was just Abandon that didn’t do it for me, because Underworld certainly did! I loved getting to know Pierce a little better, meeting some new colorful characters, and seeing just who this studly hunk of love John is! So happy that the final book is nearly here!

Yearbook Quote: “There was a long silence as everyone stared at Kayla’s shapely neck. Then Frank looked helplessly at John. …. “Kayla,” I said walking over to her and giving her shoulders a shake. “No one’s going to bite you.””

Superlatives – Mostly likely to make you want to be kidnapped by the lord of the Underworld

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