Contemporary, Young Adult

Unravel Me over and over and over

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi


The Skinny: Picking up almost immediately where Shatter Me left off, Juliette is now in the secret underground compound Omega Point, living in secret among others like her – those with special abilities. Omega Point is also headquarters for the rebel movement. As Juliette begins to become adjusted to her new home, she begins to learn more about her powers and how to harness them. But she is not the only one learning about powers – Adam is beginning to understand his gift and with that understanding comes a decision Juliette is forced to make. And, in the back of her mind, she still remembers (and wants) Warner… and his touch.

BFF?: I really liked Juliette in Shatter Me, and I didn’t UNlike her in this one, but I think I may have changed my opinion towards her. Here are the negative things: she got incredibly WHINY. “Oh, everyone hates me. Oh, no one can touch me. Oh, my gift scares me.” Yes, we get it. Buck up champ. Stop complaining. But then there were times she STOPPED whining and got awesome again. I think I began to appreciate the fact that she had to make harder choices, so maybe she was allowed a little bit of whining. I’d be pretty whiny too if I couldn’t touch the man I loved! I think my favorite thing about Juliette is that while yes, she’s had a crappy life thus far, she manages to put it aside to embrace other aspects of her life. She doesn’t shy away from what she knows is right, despite it being hard.

Readability: There was a lot less stream of consciousness in this one than in Shatter Me, which I think shows Juliette’s growth away from crazytown. The writing was still very fast paced, smart, and intriguing, which I absolutely loved!

Crush Level: 9
After reading this one I’m left thinking “Adam who???” because yeah, Warner finally did it for me! Every page that he was on made me get a little hot under the collar, my vapors running high. I still think he’s slightly terrifying and I don’t trust him for a second, but there is something absolutely sexy sexy about him that I cannot deny.

Bonus Points:
The entire time I was reading about Omega Point I couldn’t help but think about Xavier’s School for Gifted Youth. I mean, how could this NOT be cool, amiright?

Daddy Issues
Not so much issues as a “Luke I am your father” moment that left my jaw hanging wide open.

Chapter 62
Beware you may read this chapter over and over and over again.

Commencement Speech: I’ve felt that lately I haven’t gotten that special feeling from a book. You know the one that leaves you breathless from excitement and a warm fuzzy feeling all over. While I didn’t get the warm fuzzies from Unravel Me, I certainly was left breathless! It’s seemed lately that second books in series have been total snoozers and I was slightly worried this one would be like that. Just a bridge that I’d have to cross to get to the exciting third book. Boy… that is a dumb thought to have about Unravel Me! Where Shatter Me left me excited, Unravel Me left me breathless, on the edge of my seat, swooning and wanting to make out with the next boy I saw! (Don’t lie, you think that about books too) Unravel Me takes us deeper into the resistance movement, but also deeper into our characters. We get to see the stress they are under, the lines they must cross, the lines they have crossed. And it’s not only our MCs we get to see – we get to see secondary characters, bad guys, and minor ones we didn’t even think twice about in the beginning. I loved just how wrapped up this book was, exploring so much and weaving it all together. While the end does leave a bit of a cliffhanger, it’s not so bad that it ruined everything else. I can’t wait for the next chapter in this series, but I also really want to reread Unravel Me!

Yearbook Quote: “I don’t know how to be a verb, an adverb, any kind of modifier. I’m a noun through and through.”

Superlatives – Most likely to make you melt after chapter 62.

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7 thoughts on “Unravel Me over and over and over”

  1. I thought Juliette was whiney in the first book! But all this Warner talk makes me want to pick this one up ASAP. My semester is done on Thursday…I’m feeling some reading coming on.


  2. Ohh I just picked up the audiobook of this one! Glad to have you on Team Warner! I’ll get the welcome kit out to you soon 🙂
    Excited about the Darth Vader moment, and chapter 62. Hopefully those things don’t happen at the same time cause that would be disturbing!


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