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1) Mark 2) Jacob 3) Oh, what was his name?

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

the boyfriend list

The Skinny: After suffering a few panic attacks due to a rough few days, Ruby Oliver’s parents make her go see a shrink. At the advice of the shrink to help discover the reasons behind her attacks, Ruby creates a list of “boyfriends”: the boys she has been involved with in some form or fashion.

BFF?: I’ve heard a lot about this Ruby Oliver chick and am oh so glad I finally got to meet her! She was oh so fun to get to know. I loved how sort of… clueless she was about some things. But she’s kinda sassy and spunky with a lot of heart… one that continually gets broken. Ruby has this amazing voice that really shone in her telling of her boy stories; E. Lockhart writes some of the most real teens I’ve ever read and Ruby is no exception!

Readability: Definitely easy to get into. My only “problem” (which really wasn’t a problem at all) was all the footnotes. At first it was really confusing to read, but as I got more into the book I started looking forward to them because they were so cute. It reminded me a lot of how I think – talking about one subject and then totally segwaying into another.

Crush Level: ???
I’m not really sure if there actually WAS a crush level in this book. I mean, we get presented with lots of different boys, but I can’t really think if I liked any of them. I know I 100% HATED her ex-bf oh what’s his name – see, I can’t even be bothered to remember his name because I disliked him. I think eventually I’ll grow to like ONE of the boys from this book… must check out the others in this series!

Bonus Points:
I don’t know what it is about books that have teens going to see shrinks, but I absolutely love it. It’s always intersting to see how teens react to it. Sometimes it’s hard to read, sometimes it’s hilarious. Thankfully, Ruby’s experience was hilarious!

Boyfriend List
Anyone who HASN’T made one of these lists either grew up in a convent or is lying. While I can’t do it now – because really, who can bother to remember all the random boys from college, amirite? – I’ve totally made (mental) boyfriend lists like Ruby’s, plotting what we had, what went wrong, dissecting our every interaction… I’m sure on some level it’s cathartic, but if it is, I’ve yet to figure out how. (ps Jake came up when I Googled boyfriend list”

Justin Timberlake Attends 'The Social Network' Premiere in Madrid
I love love LOVE that Ruby wears glasses. You don’t come across too many YA girls that do wear them and, as an avid glasses wearer (due to being old and blind), I loved seeing someone who wears them!

Commencement Speech: So, recently, I’ve been missing Mia Thermopolis and all the wonderfulness that is The Princess Diaries series. I’ve been craving a series that combines the cuteness, the reality, the fairy tale, the playfulness, and all the other wonderful things that make up one of my favorite series. I’m pretty sure I may have found it with the Ruby Oliver books! Yes, I’ve only read one, but Ruby SO reminded me of Mia, in all the best ways. Sure, this is an older book/series, and I’m sure most of you have read it, but c’mon… I’m usually late to the game. You all know this! Definitely looking forward to reading more of this series and of E. Lockhart’s books!

Yearbook Quote: “And I firmly believe that women should not get all cruel and petty with each other over men, because how on earth will we run companies and countries if we’re preoccupied with someone else’s big boobs in a pink sweater set?”

Superlatives – Most likely to make me wonder what was that guy’s name that I… never mind

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11 thoughts on “1) Mark 2) Jacob 3) Oh, what was his name?”

  1. Ohhh I need to get this series!! I feel like I need a few more “cute” reads and something that’s not super deep from time to time! I’ve been feeling a lot of contemporaries lately 🙂


  2. I love Ruby’s narration, she’s so funny and spunky! My favorite book in the series is the 3rd book, Treasure Map of Boys. I love how you point out that Ruby wears glasses; I’ve worn glasses ever since I was little, and it was nice seeing the MC in a book wear glasses and not just some stereotypical “nerd” minor character. 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


  3. Such a funny series. I just love her books. I had a hard time with the footnotes at first too, but then I started looking forward to them because they were always hilarious. Plus, I totally loved Ruby’s need to make lists. I’m the same way.


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