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Featured Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood


Featured Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wore a red hooded cloak. One day she was on her way to visit her grandmother when she met a wolf. He asked her where she was heading and she replied that she was off to visit her grandmother. Wanting to eat the little girl, but knowing they were too exposed and someone might see him, he suggested she go pick wildflowers for her grandmother. While the little girl was doing so, the wolf went to her grandmother’s. He manages to gain entry after pretending to be the little girl by imitating her voice. The wolf swallows the grandmother whole, puts on her night cap and tucks himself into her bed.

When the little girl comes in, she goes straight to her grandmother’s bed, but notices something is not right.

“Why grandmother,” she says, “what big eyes you have!”

“The better to see you with my dear!” the wolf replies.

“Why grandmother,” she says, “what a big nose you have!”

“The better to smell you with my dear!” the wolf replies.

“Why grandmother,” she says, “what big teeth you have!”

“The better to eat you with my dear!” the wolf yells. He springs out of the bed and swallows the little girl whole. With his full belly the wolf gets back into bed and takes a nap.

A woodsman happened to be walking by and came upon the wolf sleeping in the bed. He uses his axe and slices the wolf’s stomach open, helping the little girl and her grandmother out. They fill the wolf’s stomach with large stones and the grandmother quickly stitches his stomach back up.

The wolf suddenly wakes up and tries to flee, but the stones are too heavy and cause him to collapse and die.

red riding hood

Why I love it: Okay, I don’t really LOVE this one, but you’ve got to admit: it’s pretty gruesome. I never quite got why the wolf didn’t wake up when his stomach was, you know, CUT OPEN BY AN AXE! But, I guess if that part made sense there wouldn’t be much of a tale, would there?

However, there are some great life lessons to be learned from this little tale. First, stay out of the woods. There’s folks in there who really just want to eat you. Second, never talk to strangers. They may suggest you do something stupid, like go pick flowers, while they sneak away to your grandmother’s house to eat her. Third, you should go easy on the food, especially around the holidays. You never know who may come by and cut open your stomach with an axe while you’re sleeping off your food coma.

Trunk or Treat ’12

Why you’ll love it: Really, you probably won’t but if you do, you’ll have to let me know why.

However, if you ever get the chance, DEFINITELY check out Faerie Tale Theater’s version of Little Red Riding Hood. Malcom McDowell is HALARIOUS as the wolf!


Awesome Retellings: There are some GREAT retellings of the Little Red Riding Hood out there! Check these out!

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George
princess of the silver wood

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Did you review any of these retellings? Let me know and I’ll add your review link on here!


3 thoughts on “Featured Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood”

  1. I loved what you had to say about life lessons from Little Red Riding Hood. Definitely had me giggling.

    I have seen that Faerie Tale Theatre, but it was so long ago, that I barely remember it. Now I want to watch it again.

    I haven’t read Sisters Red, but I LOVED Scarlet, and enjoyed Princess of the Midnight Wood.

    Also, I’m not a fan of the color red, but if I had a red cloak like that I would wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s that awesome 🙂


  2. I’ve always been fascinated by Little Red Riding Hood…I’ve always wanted her cape! 🙂 I did review Scarlet ( http://aliceinreaderland.com/2013/02/07/scarlet/ ) and it’s my favorite retelling of Little Red, though I thought Robin Palmer’s modern day retelling was an interesting take. I’ll have to check out, Faerie Tale Theater’s version of Little Red Riding Hood! I saw a production of the musical Into the Woods, and their characterization of Little Red was hilarious! 🙂 Fun post!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


  3. Haha, great life lessons. Have you read Cloaked in Red? It’s a collection of short stories that are variations of RRH. It’s really fun to see all the characters either shine or take their turn as the bad guy during each of the stories.


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