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Top Ten Tuesday – Book Crushes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

I’m pretty sure I actually compiled this list at some point… or maybe something similar. I don’t know. Imma do it again!

While I’m pretty sure I’ll be fangirling over A LOT of other bloggers’ choices, but I wanted list maybe some not so obvious choices. Sure, there will be plenty of St. Clair, Jonah Griggs, Peeta, the Weasley twins… and rightly so! But sometimes my crushes surprise me, developing over characters I truly don’t think I’ll develop one over!

Here are my Top Ten fictional characters I’d have a crush on if I was a fictional character (although I might have a crush on them being a non-fictional character):

Linden (Chemical Garden Trilogy) – Linden is like that cute, puppy dog boy who has floppy curly hair that you just can’t help but love. He’s quiet and kinda shy, but with this total strength and charm all his own! It took me a little while to fall for him, but fall I did!

Henry (Goddess Test Series) – Seriously, I cannot think of a sexier character. I think what made him so attractive to me is not the brooding personality, the dark handsome good looks, the sometimes sensitive personality or even being “unnaturally blessed” in the pants region (wink, wink)… it’s the fact that he’s freaking OLD. I don’t feel like a creepy Twilight mom having a crush on him!

Hector (Girl of Fire and Thorns) -My heart swooned over Hector. Seriously, swooned. You know how Jake Gyllenhaal looked in Price of Persia? Yeah, I imagine he’s that hot.

The Darkling (Shadow and Bone) – I don’t even care that he’s the bad guy. I would totally give it up for him. He’s that hot.

Also, I seem to be “giving it up” a lot for these characters… I feel like such a book slut.

Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia) – Whoa, Candice… he’s like 10 in this book! Yeah, I’m not talking about 10 year old Edmund… I’m talking about grown up Edmund. Way back when I wrote fanfiction (yeah, I’m that kind of nerd) I wrote Narnia fanfiction (because I’m that kind of nerd) and did a lot of researching Edmund and what type of adult he grew up into. While I’m sure I took some liberties with him to develop my stories, I kind of fell in love with what type of adult he grew up into. He was stoic and thoughtful, which always registers major points in my book!

Logan (Defiance) – Guys! He’s kind of a nerd! He invents things, has lots of quirky contraptions and is just plain awesome! Definitely my kind of hero/love interest! ANNNNNDDDD he uses the term “sweetheart” which makes my heart pitter pat!

Michael Moscovitz  (Princess Diaries series) – Okay, he had to go on here. I’m sorry but he’s just too perfect not to!

Kaleb (Hourglass series) – I think I’ll just post my “Crush Level” blurb I wrote for the review (where he got a 10+): Y’all, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say it: I had the major MAJOR hots for Kaleb. I don’t care that he’s not the kind of guy you could bring home to meet your dad. I don’t care that he’s tattooed and pierced and has slept around. I would like to jump his bones and the heck with anything else! Okay… so maybe that’s going a little far, but yeah… he was pretty amazing. Times a gazillion. Honestly though, it wasn’t his looks that got me (okay, so I don’t actually know what he looks like since he’s a fictional character and there were no pictures in this book), but his charm and wit. No matter what, you could count on him to have a witty remark or comment – but not in a douchey kind of way. In that swoony kind of way. And the boy is deep! I know being an empath kind of guarantees one to be in touch with emotions, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count! OH! And he COOKS! Seriously, I’m getting a bad case of the vapors just thinking of him…

Finn (Cahill Witch Chronicles) – Okay… I was majorly hesitant about him at first because his description really didn’t tickle my fancy… but as I got further into the book and getting to know him, it was like a total tickle fight with my emotions! He was so so so sexy with his smart boy self and glasses… Oh! and those scorching closet kisses… sexy, sexy!

Archer and Brigan (Fire) – Usually when there are two men in the picture, I can narrow it down to which one I want the MC to end up with and won’t pay attention to the other. Not so with these two! I mean, the only way that I was able to pick was because one of them was killed!!! (sorry for the spoiler) THAT’S how hot they both were!

I’m thinking I may need to go take a cold shower after this list! (or not… it just seemed appropriate to say!)


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Book Crushes”

  1. good for you for going the non traditional route. of course, i haven’t read any of these except for the princess diaries, but i know who Edmund is! 🙂 so i want to say you have a great list, but i cannot say I honestly know … but i do know you have great taste, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.


  2. Linden?! reaaaaallly?? i haven’t gotten to sever yet, so maybe that will open my eyes. I’m hoping so because Gabriel did nothing for me!

    Now on to this Kaleb. Holy hell, who is KALEB you speak of? I need to know. That paragraph you dedicated to him has me hooked. I need that book!


    1. Oh man… Kaleb… You would like him. He’s a character in the Hourglass series by Myra McEntire, but he narrates the second book in the series, Timepiece, which is PHENOMENAL (mostly because he’s so hot). 🙂


  3. LOL. Okay, I haven’t read any of these books except Princess Diaries. I do love MICHAEL!

    Timepiece is definitely a book I’ve been meaning to read. I’ve heard how AMAZING Kaleb is.

    This was such a fun list.


  4. OK, so I haven’t swooned over the same literary guys (are those mostly fantasy series?), but I did love Archer and Brigan and it really, really upset me how she chose to resolve that love triangle. It felt unfair, and that’s why I like Graceling best. Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t resist!


    1. Huh… yeah, I did mostly list fantasy guys. Ha! Except the Princess Diaries. But I agree… I hated how the love triangle was resolved and it was totally unfair, but I can’t really think of a better way of ending it. It did break my heart though!


  5. Yes, yes Linden and Hector! I had to stay away from the Darkling because…evil, but omg I really love him. And Archer and Brigan would have been on my list too, but I already had Po, and I was trying to restrict myself to one character per author XD


    1. I didn’t even think about Po, but I did love him oh so much! But, I didn’t want to go with the obvious crushes that I developed (ie Po). Linden was kind of a shocker to me; I really didn’t think I’d like him as much as I did!


  6. Ohhhh no, spoiler 😦 😦 😦 I haven’t read Fire yet. Crap. I should have looked away, but didn’t catch it in time.
    Linden grew on me in Sever, but up until then I was just meh!


    1. OH NO!!! I’m sorry!!! Should have put the warning BEFORE what I said.

      I didn’t like Linden AT ALL at first, but then went back and listened to the audio of Wither… I saw him in a new light!


  7. I *almost* put Edmund on my list as well with the same disclaimer, but decided it was too much of a hassle.
    Also, you wrote Narnia fanfiction. I knew there was a reason I loved your blog! Another book blogger who wrote/read Narnia fanfiction? Makes me happy.


  8. Your list is quite refreshing 🙂 I’ve been seeing a lot of the same guys over and over, so it’s nice to see some different ones. I actually haven’t read most of these books so I don’t know who many of them are, but I totally agree with Michael Moscovitz. He was my middle school crush lol.


    1. Yay! I tried to be a little different! Also, you make me feel super old by saying you liked Michael in MIDDLE school! I’m pretty sure I was a junior or senior in high school when the first books came out! 🙂


  9. I really debated putting Edmund on my list. I really loved the way his character grew and developed. He’s a definite favorite! I also thought briefly about Henry, but decided not to since it took me a while to actually really warm up to him. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    ~Merin @ Read and Reviewed~


  10. We have so many in common ❤ I did not include Kaleb on my list but now I think I should have! I recently gave Hourglass to a friend and she fell in love with him, imagine her happiness when I told her book 2 was from his POV.



  11. We all know I love me some Michael, but I really have to agree with you on Henry (so sexypants) and the Darkling. Even at the end of S&B I was into him. I totally get what you’re saying about Linden, too. I’ve only read the first book. but I felt that pull to him instead of Gabriel (right name?), in a less “hot” way and more of a protective, sweet way.


  12. This is incredibly random, but when I saw “Darkling” it made me think of the “Erkling” or “Erlking” (I forget which it was) from the Glimmerglass trilogy by Jenna Black, and I was wondering if you’ve read those books? Because Glimmerglass was pretty normal, but the next two books got really, really weird, and I’ve been looking for someone to discuss them with… sorry for my off-topicness x)


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