Young Adult

Just saying hi!

I’ve been a little MIA this week from the blogging world… hope you noticed. 😉

Just haven’t been feeling it I guess. Mentally, I’m already on Spring Break, which sadly doesn’t begin for another 31.5 hours. But I’m not counting or anything.

But oh, Spring Break… I really don’t remember feeling this excited about it when I was in school. Even though I’m not going to the beach (seriously, avoid that place like the plague during Spring Break time) or any other fun destination, I’m looking forward to spending time at home catching up on the plethora of things real life gets in the way of – shopping, cleaning, yard work, reading, and blogging!

I’ve got some super exciting reads for next week that I’m looking forward to both finishing and starting; wanted to share them!

The Madman’s Daughter – I’m about halfway through this and it’s soooo good! Definitely looking forward to the ending, especially after watching yesterday’s Tea Time!

Anna Karenina – Part of my Classics Challenge… I haven’t even started this one! Doubt I’ll actually finish it over Spring Break, but I want to at least start it!

The Infernal Devices series – I’ve read Clockwork Angel, so I may or may not read it again… but then I get to start Clockwork Prince and move into Clockwork Princess… which I totally snagged early from the library!

Unravel Me – Just got an email saying it was waiting for me at the library. I’m so pumped about all the yummy Warner badness I’ve been hearing about!

I also just requested Perfect Scoundrels from the Library… fingers crossed I can get my hands on it soon! Our library also has some really awesome new titles for audiobook download. I may have to get one (or two!) to listen this week as I work in the house and yard!

Also… plan on seeing lots of updates on the blog, new posts/reviews, replies to all your lovely posts on your own lovely blogs… because I’m finally getting internet at my house! No longer will I live in the dark ages! I can finally Hulu and Netflix again! Okay, enough cheering. I’m also planning on mailing out any leftover giveaway things I owe people – seriously, I suck at giveaways. Don’t ever let me fool you into thinking I can do them properly!

Let’s not forget that I’ll probably be watching more of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs I got in last weekend. I just finished Season 2 last night… OMG the season finale of it always makes me cry! When Buffy… then Angel… and he… then she… oh man, ugly tears!

Finally, not really book related, but I’m super excited about getting the chance to work in my back yard. Granted, it’s really just two strips of weed covered earth on either side of my cement patio, but it’s still a yard! My fur babies play in it! I have plans to buy a weed eater and weed eat the heck out of it, maybe plant some herbs, do some cute flowers… I dunno! I have a full week to play!

Anywho… Just wanted to say hi, post something, and wish everyone a happy Thursday!

Excuse me while I go back to daydreaming about my week off.


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