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Selective Collective: How I Went Vintage


When Mallory discovers her boyfriend has a “cyber wife” she decides to “go vintage,” swearing off all modern technology. She stops going on the books version of Facebook. She doesn’t text or talk on her cell. She doesn’t even use her computer to complete homework assignments! Mallory’s exploits as she goes vintage are hilarious and left me in tears as I realized just how much we rely on technology!

I decided to follow in Mallory’s footsteps and went vintage for 24 hours. During my 24 hours, I recorded my thoughts on my lack of modern technology. I have no idea how she managed to do it for longer than a day! By the end I was so desperate to text everyone, to check Twitter, and, much to my disappointment (because I kind of hate it) check Facebook!

3/14 Note: Because I am not June Cleaver and seriously DON’T have it together, my thoughts got left at home. Will post these ASAP today when I go back and get them!!!

Update: Went home and got my thoughts. Here they are!

March 9 5:15 pm

Forty-five minutes until it’s time to go vintage!

Must get dishwasher unloaded and loaded back again; none of these in the 60s! (Unless her name was June!)

 6:18 pm

Not event 20 minutes in and I am DYING to check my cell – email, Twitter, texts…


I have no idea what time it actually is. I rely on my cell… and since they didn’t have these in the 60s…

Oh for f’s sake! Where’s my watch?


Found my watch.


Just finished doing my nails and am now wondering if girls (or women) did this in the 60s.

Should ask Mom.

Shit. Don’t want to call her for weird question; can’t text.


Remembered horrible out-dated beauty book I have. Let me go look for it.


“Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm” page 15-18 “Hand tell tales”

OMG I want to share this paragraph but can’t take a picture of the text – no digital cameras in the good old 60s! So far nothing good about them!

According to this section, however, your occupation should determine how your nails look – obviously a typist or saleswoman doesn’t need claw fingernails!

What would the men folk say?

Just flipped to another section randomly: “What men think about grooming”

Best line: you can’t look charming in dangling underwear, so watch your slip!


Although I’ve read most of this book before, a lot of the info in here, despite being written in 1934, is GOOD advice! Sure, some of it is dated, but definitely not OUTdated!

I should follow some of this book’s advice more closely. Or not. It’s a lot of work.


I’m pretty sure they didn’t have clicky-top pens in the 60s. Changed to pencil. Only pencil I own is a golf pencil I got from the putt-putt place at Universal Studios.

Please don’t run out little pencil! I certainly don’t have sharpener!


Am reading and just came across a quote I want to remember. Can’t use phone to take picture. How am I going to remember… wait…

<rips paper for bookmark>

I’m a freaking genius!

 2:40 am

Woke up, desperate to check my phone. What time is it? What’s the weather like? Did I get any texts while I was asleep?

This is probably why people married younger in the 60s so when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep you can always wake up your husband.

Who is probably sleeping in the other matching twin bed.

 8:01 Sunday

Cooking breakfast has made me realize all the things we enjoy now that they didn’t have in the 60s. Such as… automatic coffee makers. Nor did they have Starbucks. Total WTFery.

Since I don’t have an old fashioned coffee pot, I thought about making some tea! Ha! Outsmarted you 60s!


Remembered they didn’t have microwaves in the 60s. Fine. Iced tea it is. Too lazy to boil water.


What did people do in the mornings?! I’m guessing not sit around in Pjs watching Law and Order!


I stopped with the pencil; it was driving me nuts!


Decided to go back to bed. Totally bored with the 60s so far!


Ginger just got in the bed and began kicking me and flopping on my head. I bet the Beaver never did this to June! Of course, she probably never slept til 12 either!

 1:49 but actually 2:49

Questions keep coming up and I can’t pose them to anyone! What did they do in the 60s when questions came up? No Wikipedia, no IMBD, no Twitter… It’s amazing how easily information is available these days!

 3:16 pm

I need to go to the library.

Unfortunately jeans weren’t kosher in the 60s for girls to wear in public. Well, maybe for girls, but definitely not for women my age! Library will have to wait.

 4:15 pm

Only 2 more hours left til I can come back to the future! Hooray!

 5:45 pm

I’m pretty sure mindsets haven’t changed in some people about women since the 60s. Just because I didn’t know how to buy a lighter doesn’t mean I deserve a “oh, what a dumb woman” look from the man at the gas station! I don’t smoke so I never buy the things. No wonder women in the 60s burned their bras!

 6:08 pm

Oh, hello phone! I’ve missed you! Let’s check what’s been going on…

0 Texts

0 Missed Calls

2 Tweets

4 Emails from stores I will never shop at

1 Facebook message – comment on my new profile picture (something 99.9% of the people on FB would never actually see had this been the 60s!)

24 hours and this is all I get? Ugh!

During my 24 hours of Going Vintage, I used the book “Better Than Beauty” which I imagine was a very helpful, handy guide for ladies of the 60s. I still say it’s a helpful, handy guide, but seriously… it’s kind of hilarious! You can check it out here:

or here:

Could you “go vintage” for 24 hours? What are some new technology things that you’d LOVE to give up?

Check out the other members of the Selective Collective and see what fun things they have going on!

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14 thoughts on “Selective Collective: How I Went Vintage”

  1. I would probably not have any problem giving up my computer. I don’t spend hours on it like I used to when we first got one and my husband and I would fight over it. Now everyone has their own laptop, but honestly, I’d have a MUCH harder time giving up my iPhone. I play games on it, and keep up with my family. If I happen to leave it at home (which I rarely do) I can’t stand it.
    My kids on the other hand would have a horrendous time without any of their technology. In fact when I told my daughter about the premise of “Going Vintage” she thought it was crazy. She was like, “Why would anyone do anything like that?” So there you have it from a 17 year old.


  2. I’m so excited to see your thoughts. I have no clue how you did it. I don’t think I can even go an hour without modern technology. I mean, I could if I really tried, but it would be a struggle for me. When I first heard about this book I was like, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??” but I am actually pretty excited to read it because while I would never do what she did, it’ll be interesting to see how she reacts.


  3. I wasn’t in love with Going Vintage. However, I no I couldn’t do what Mallory did. I love my computer too much 🙂

    Good for you, though. Can’t wait to see you thoughts.


  4. ha, we had our little moment of “going vintage” last night, when we slept at my sister’s house and her cable and internet had been turned off and we couldn’t figure out how to work the dvd player. the kids just ran around like drunk monkeys, but, i have to say, i used my nook (though I had a real book in my suitcase)…still, it wasn’t fun. 🙂 i’m so glad you did this, what a great idea 🙂


  5. I keep reading meh reactions to this book but it still sounds totally adorable to me. Love that you tried to go vintage for 24 hours and I look forward to your notes. It is a good exercise every now and then – I wish I could get my daughter to try going vintage!


  6. Ha. The description of that book “Better Than Beauty” is hilarious. Did you see it said “how to avoid unwanted advances from married men?” It’s so Mad Men (only I don’t think anyone ever fends off Don Draper)!


  7. Love this post! So funny. I definitely cannot imagine going back in time to the 60s. I can’t go a day without being on my laptop. That and I am in a LDR with a guy living in London – No Skype?! Having to wait a month to get a letter from him?! I’d never survive. Great post though and love how you related it to your review. 🙂


  8. This is so awesome! I love that you were able to do this! I totally wouldn’t have been able to go 24 hours without my cell. I honestly believe I check my email more than any person in the world. *Just a second, need to check my email.* Okay, sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yeah, prompts to you for being able to complete this!


  9. This was such a fun post! 🙂 Honestly, I hate Facebook, but the one thing I definitely would not want to be without for 24 hours (or even half that) is my Kindle! I love my Kindle.

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


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