Fantasy, Young Adult

That girl is poison…

Poison by Bridget Zinn


The Skinny: Master Potioner Kyra is set on one thing: killing the princess. The princess who also happens to be her best friend. After botching her first attempt, she is on the run. She seeks out Arlo, a known enemy of her country, to get help finding the princess. She receives a small pig who will help her find the princess. Skeptical, she uses the pig and begins her journey. Along the way she meets Fred, a young man who oddly keeps running into her. As she follows the pig, she is led on an adventure that not only leads her to the princess, but to the discovery of who she really is.

BFF?: I liked Kyra well enough. She was strong, brave, questioning and a little sassy. She was also smart and loved her dedication to her trade. That aside, I didn’t really feel like I completely connected with her. She was extremely fun to read and share time with, but no one that is going to stay with me forever.

Readability: Definitely easy, fun, breezy… While there were some scenes that were definitely NOT appropriate for younger readers, the readability of it was a little younger than I was expecting. But that didn’t take away from anything. The only thing that bothered me was some of the language took away from the fantasy world. Modern phrases kept popping up… which maybe is how they spoke in this fantasy world.

Crush Level: 6
My imagining Fred and his actual appearance were totally different… Kyra describes him as (in my own words) super hot. I pictured him as sort of lanky, a little nerdier looking… and while I SHOULD prefer Kyra’s description, I kind of liked mine better. That aside, Fred was just a sweet character. He was funny, a little nerdy/silly, and super into Kyra – despite some other things that come up! I loved how carefree he seemed, no matter what was going on. He wasn’t serious, he didn’t hold grudges – no matter how many times Kyra ticked him off – and was just so easy going you couldn’t help but like him.

Bonus Points:

Chemistry/Potion Making

This was really interesting and something I hadn’t really read in the past. Kyra is a potions maker and there are lots of scenes where she talks about the different potions she makes as well as how they are made. You don’t get boggled down by the science of it but it’s really interesting!

Pinnocio Princess
I’m not saying anything else about this, but it really threw me for a twist!

Rosie the Pig!!!!

Black Cauldron Hen Wen

Y’all… if you don’t read this book for any other reason, read it for Rosie the pig! She was my favorite character, I loved her oh so much! Rosie was just so cute, so sweet… she cuddled up with Kyra and everytime that happened I wanted to hug my own pets and cuddle with them! I really became invested in the little pig, more so than any other character.

Superlatives: Best little piggie
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