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Project: Fairy Tale – Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Probably one of the most familiar versions of Snow White is Disney’s animated feature. Let me tell you: I am not a fan.


So I should back up. Snow White is not the Disney movie I grew up on. In fact, I didn’t grow up on any Disney movies that featured a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. The first one I owned was Cinderella, which my grandmother gave me when I was 4 or 5… I don’t remember watching it very much. I was more into Peter Pan and Wendy was my favorite.

I think the reason for this isn’t because my parents were adverse to their pride and joy being tainted by Disney princesses. On the contrary, I think I was pretty much as much of a princess as any little girl is. But in the 80s we didn’t HAVE access to the plethora of Disney princess crap like little girls do today. We couldn’t go out and buy Cinderella, Cinderella 2, Cinderella’s Magic Christmas, Cinderella Goes to Town, Cinderella Eats an Apple… these just weren’t available to us. And I don’t think Disney quite yet realized the marketability for profiting off of one movie. Anyway…

The first time I actually saw Snow White I was late elementary/middle school age? I don’t remember, but know both of my younger siblings were there so that’s a good guestimation. We went to see Snow White in the theater because these were the years when Disney was introducing their old movies to a new generation. I think I liked it? I just remember being flabbergasted that my younger siblings didn’t like the very first Disney movie!

So I watched it over the weekend. And here is my conclusion: I have NO problem with my potential future little girl being into Disney princesses, but she WILL NOT be into Snow White. Repeat: WILL. NOT.

snow white apple

All this being said, I did enjoy the movie somewhat. I liked singing the songs, I thought the Queen was totally badass, if not ridiculous shallow/vain. But I dunno… Snow White just… well she just defined what makes people hate Disney princesses. I’m sorry, but she was an f-ing moron. Granted, she did know how to run a household, so props there. I liked that she told the dwarfs what to do and they listened, but still.

Comparing the movie though to the original fairy tale, I did like how the Disney version added some depth to the story. For example, Snow White had already met the Prince and they were apparently IN LOVE, so him kissing her and waking her up, then riding off into the sunset wasn’t a huge stretch.

Not a creeper
Not a creeper

I also liked that Snow White made her own terms with the dwarfs to stay with them. In the original tale they tell her she can stay if she becomes their maid. In this version she says “if you let me stay, I’ll do this.” Granted, she still has to clean for 7 men, but it’s her decision, not theirs. She isn’t so much at their mercy really and makes her own terms.

So, while this is definitely very low on my list of least favorite Disney animated movies, I appreciate some of the changes Disney made and that their interpretation doesn’t make Snow White a COMPLETE moron.

6 thoughts on “Project: Fairy Tale – Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

  1. I am a huge Disney fan – especially the princess movies. But I HATE this one. Even as a child I could never get through the whole movie. Her voice is ridiculous! I hate it. And the story is a little – well like you said, Snow White isn’t the brightest apple in the barrel.


    1. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! While I think for a while I wanted to look like Snow White (when I was in college I wanted darker hair), that’s about as far as it goes.


      1. I always wanted to like Disney’s Snow White character because I have really dark hair and fair skin, and she has brown eyes like me. But her voice – ugh! And the prince is totally frilly looking with such a round face.


  2. It was Disney first movie after all. I love Disney and I have watched every Disney movie under the sun growing up, but I have to admit we don’t sit and watch snow white much. There are movies I would rather watch besides that one.


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