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Project: Fairy Tale – Snow White, Blood Red

Whoa. This was…. well… not like what I was expecting at all. And I say that in the very best of ways.

snow white blood red

Snow White, Blood Red by Cameron Jace is part of The Grimm Diaries Prequel, a series of novellas for the upcoming Grimm Diaries Series. I only read the Snow White novella, but wow. It was seriously very very good.

Snow White, Blood Red is a letter written by the Queen of Sorrow – aka Snow White’s mother – to Wilhelm Grimm. She has captured his brother Jacob to get the location of the Lost Seven, a group we know as the seven dwarfs thanks to the Grimms’  misrepresentations of them. The queen explains Snow White’s true nature, explaining that she isn’t the beautiful princess we all know thanks to the Grimms’ story. She, instead, is the most dangerous thing alive: a beautiful monster.

Let me just leave you with this: vampire.

“I am the Snow White Queen, strong enough that I don’t need anyone’s pity or love, because I am loved by the greatest and most majestic heart in the world: Mine.”

4 thoughts on “Project: Fairy Tale – Snow White, Blood Red”

  1. This looks seriously awesome. I just looked it up on GR and I am confused…I know these are the prequels but then there are the regular novels and it looks like bk 1 is expected 2013 but bk 2 is about Cinderella and was published 2012. Am I missing something? I’d like to read these!!


    1. Here’s what I can make of it: The Grimm Diaries are a series of books coming out at some point. This one part of a set of prequel novellas. I KIND OF think that these were once self-published and maybe they’re getting for real published? I don’t know. I bought the set of 6 prequels for my kindle.


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