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Project: Fairytale – The 10th Kingdom

10th kingdom

Back when I was doing my Retro Reads, I featured this movie as one of them. You can check it out here. But, before I talk about Snow White in this movie, here’s a little synopsis of the movie:

The 10th Kingdom follows a girl (okay, 22 yo) named Virginia who lives on the edge of the forest. Otherwise known as Central Park. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or Fairy Tale World), there is an jail break at the Snow White Prison and the Evil Queen turns Prince Wendall White, the grandson of Snow White,  into a dog. The dog then discovers the Queen’s magic mirror hidden in the basement of the prison, which just so happens to be a traveling mirror, and miraculously turns it on, transporting himself to the mythological 10th Kingdom. Surprisingly (or not, depending on how you look at it), the 10th Kingdom turns out to be New York City and Prince Wendall, now a dog, runs into Virginia in Central Park. Thus begins her adventures, traveling to Fairy Tale World (I don’t think this is actually the name of it) and discovering all of the different kingdoms and trying to save Prince Wendall before he left permanently a dog and the Evil Queen takes over all the 9 kingdoms.

Prince Wendall White – Seriously, annoying

Okay, now on to Snow White.

Basically, this movie is circled around Snow White, pulling from elements of the fairy tale. We get to see what happens AFTER happily ever after and what becomes of Snow White after she marries the prince. Obviously, they got busy and had some babies. Which brings us to her grandson. But there’s still elements that get pulled from the story, namely the evil queen. There’s lots of poison – apples, punch, hair combs – which is really gruesome.

I think what I love bestest of all about this movie is actually Snow White. Truthfully, I think Snow White is a ditz. Someone is trying to kill you and you keep letting them in because ooh! shiny stuff! However, in the 10th Kingdom Snow White is redeemed by saying this:

“I often think, why did I let her in? Didn’t I know she was bad? And I did, of course I did, but I also knew that I couldn’t keep that door shut all my life, just because it was dangerous, just because there was a chance of getting hurt.”

I truly truly loved that. I loved the idea of this character who really has nothing going for her suddenly having more substance than I ever imagined.

Another thing I loved was the actress they chose to play Snow White, Camryn Manheim. As a teen, I didn’t really “identify” with Disney princesses, I definitely didn’t identify with Snow White. She was pale, dark haired, red lips, willowy… all things I was not. (Note: I most identify with Belle and her mousy brown hair) So to see a woman who was plus-size play one of the most recognizable princesses out there was… well it was just phenomenal. As just a person, Camryn is definitely a beautiful woman. But as Snow White? Like never once did I think “Okay, why is Snow White fat?” I remember thinking “OMG Snow White is gorgeous! I want to look that good when I’m old!” (Note: I do not think Camryn Manheim was old in this movie)

snow white 10th kingdom

I really think this is my favorite version of Snow White out of all the versions out there. She’s still the fairest of them all, but with a heart that is strong, a presence that is felt. I loved how my eyes opened to this character who didn’t completely change what she should be but presented what she is. If that makes ANY sense.

Anyway… If you haven’t watched this movie, I highly recommend it! It’s so so good and fun!

8 thoughts on “Project: Fairytale – The 10th Kingdom”

  1. Love love love this book and mini series !!! Watched them when they came out back in the day on the hallmark channel. Own the DVD and now for anyone who hasn’t watched it. It’s on Netflix !! Awesome awesome movie / show ! Glad to find another tenth kingdom fan ! -katie @ Inkk


  2. yes! this is sooo good. i have the book and the DVD’s and yes it is now on Netflix! do check it out if you haven’t yet! i love love loved this mini series , watched it when it came out originally on the hallmark channel ! so good. thanks for bringing up great memories! need to re watch it! Have you watched Tin Man, thats also really good – Katie @ Inkk


  3. I say 10th Kingdom years and years ago. I don’t remember mch of it, but I know I liked it. Wasn’t Ann Margaret in it? Now I want to watch it again!

    And seriously yes to not having skinny women (who have little boy’s bodies) play a princess!!


  4. I mean…I *might* have watched this on Netflix last night before I fell asleep….I *might* have it on right now as I am blogging…just sayinnnnn

    Snow White wasn’t my favorite part of this movie but she was pretty bad ass, I am glad that they made her a WOMAN and not all tee hee know what I mean?

    Best movie ever.


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